Summer leaving a residue in the same place,Disappear quickly。 Turn out from another direction, a knife screen。 Dead leaves,Grass splash,Gravel。 “Huff……”One of the masters were flying half empty,Vomiting blood,And it becomes two trips in an instant。 And another person will refund,Sunday,The whole person suddenly cracked,Sputtering of residual limbs。 The half air is like a Continue Reading

“Oh?Paper cranes??I always hear people say this thing can be blessed,Mu Luo, do you care about anything??” Shi Mu Luo originally folded the paper cranes in his hands,Intend to throw it on the ground,Put together with others,But haven’t done it yet,Was picked up by Qi Xianwei。 “Too much happened recently,Always inexplicable people against you,Against Qi Continue Reading

At the third male consultant,She needs to play deeply to distorted characters,“distortion”This is mainly reflected in all the opposite sexs that appear by the consultant.,I hate all people trying to approach consulting。 have to say,Although 竹 表,But there is a uncomfortable happiness in her heart.。 Because she really can’t think of what is talking about Continue Reading

胡明宇笑道:“这么说来,大家也算是都认识了?那就别客气了,先坐吧,有什么话,咱们坐下再说。” “好。” “吴厅长请。” 王流和文彦棋当即附和,邀请吴建中落了座。 酒菜刚才已经点好,现在吴建中到了,吩咐一声,没几分钟,酒菜就相继上齐。 胡明宇充分发挥中间人的作用,熟络的替几人依次倒了酒。 王流举杯相敬道:“吴厅长,第一次见面,我先敬您一杯,我干了,您随意。” “也算上我吧,好些年没见了,我也敬吴叔一杯。”文彦棋举杯附和。 胡明宇咧嘴道:“得,那也算上我吧,你们都喝了,就漏我一个也不太好看啊。” 吴建中呵呵一笑,举杯道:“那就一起吧。” 四人碰了杯,全都一饮而尽。 放下酒杯,王流听从胡明宇的建议,没有拐弯抹角,直接开门见山道:“实不相瞒,今天请吴厅长来,是我有件事想请您帮个忙。” 吴建中点点头,王流不说他也能猜到,请他吃饭的,基本十个有九个都http://www.xsd-space.cn是有事相求,他早习惯了。 “什么事,王总直说。” 王流斟酌道:“宏兴广场吴厅应该听说过,项目已经竣工了,也装修完了,我们公司原本想尽快筹备一下,争取赶在国庆开业的。 但是消防验收申请递上去好些天,一直没等到回复……” 说着看了眼吴建中,王流试探道:“不知道能不能请吴厅帮忙问一下,看到底是哪出了问题?” 吴建中微微蹙了蹙眉,身为公安厅长,下辖各个部门的工作流程他自然很清楚,只是申请消防验收,而且还是宏兴广场这个省里重点项目的申请,开不开绿灯先不提,按说至少也应该是积极对待的。 但申请递上去好些天都没有回复,那就只可能是被卡住了,而且想卡他的人恐怕还不简单。 边想边瞥了眼王流,不动声色道:“王总在省里是不是得罪什么人了?” 王流迟疑两秒,没有隐瞒,直言相告道:“也不算得罪,就是因为一些商业竞争,跟百顺的方总闹了点不愉快。” 你确定只是不愉快吗? 挡人财路,如杀人父母,你这说是杀父之仇都不过分了吧……吴建中眉头一紧,脸色有点凝重。 方百顺他是知道的,百顺集团掌舵人,财力雄厚,在省里人脉广泛,能量不浅。 如果是他在卡王流,那这事就有点不好办了。 沉吟一瞬,吴建中平淡道:“方百顺这个人,王总应该有过了解吧?他在省里的关系可不简单,消防也不是我一个人说了算。 就算我答应你去过问,也不一定就能问出个结果。” 王流点点头:“明白,但是有您帮忙过问,也总比我自己干等着强不是?” “是啊吴叔,您就帮帮忙http://www.yihaoled.cn吧。”胡明宇跟着求情。 吴建中看向王流,确认道:“你确定宏兴广场消防设施没问题吗?” “我确定。”王流斩钉截铁道。 砸了两个亿的项目,他傻了才会在消防上偷工减料。 “行吧,我尽量帮你去问问。”吴建中微微点头,沉思一瞬,松了口。 原因有三。 第一,宏兴实力不俗,身为老板的王流,他也乐于结交一下。 第二,事情不难办,消防虽然是双重管辖,但是消防验收这块,正好归公安部门管。 而且,项目竣工去验收是正常流程,卡着不去验收才不正常,他过问完全合情合理,顺手就能送出一个顺水人情,何乐而不为。 第三,他对方百顺很不感冒。 房地产业涉黑是家常便饭,而作为省里房企龙头的百顺集团更是重灾区,光他知道的就有不少涉黑案件,矛头直指方百顺。

Hao Shuai,Tightful,“Boy,What do you mean?!” Narrate。 Summer day a shoot forehead,即 的 的 他 他,“I just want to ask,Who gives you a name,It’s too embarrassed.,Hao Shuai……You are handsome.! ” Hen! Xu Meizhen doesn’t know what is going on.,It seems that this guy is the same as that cannot be described.,Originally made her anger,At this moment, Continue Reading

It’s okay for the formation,Puppetry makes the old man Jiang fall into a state of obsession,It’s a pity that there are too few information handed down,With his qualifications,I want to revive the lost fairy puppet technique with just a few conceptual things,Difficulty test,The old man was poor for thirty years,After numerous ups and downs,Finally, Continue Reading

After knowing, you have a cheap leather bag.,There are still more than a dozen Hong Kong coins。 She remembers paying a meal last night.,Current valid items at all,This is a sad story for her.。 Look at the moment。 Get up to the window,I found that I don’t know where it is.,Carefully check yourself,Finally put Continue Reading

Especially at night,It is completely the world of these two forces。 And now,These two trend is the forces of death,Actually, together。 “God,That bald head,He,He……He will notcCrocodile Wilson,And that woman,That red-haired woman,she,Is itsksRed snake?” When two super sports cars stopped in front,I walked next to a big man,And a red-haired woman,The back of people will Continue Reading

“. “After the explosion-proof officer came,The opening ribbon-cutting ceremony was held normally。After the ribbon cutting,Silly brother can’t help but sigh,In the past, every time I opened a new venue, blood was shed.,I don’t know how much I will pay for the settlement of my brothers。Now you can open a formal company to allow police officers Continue Reading

“learn,I certainly understand,husband,This life encounters you,Is our luck。”Tang Yin Yao whispered:“There is also a news on the side of the snow.,But not very certain。” “Does the news from Tangjia??”Lin Feng heard the slight excitement。 “Um,I have a result of a predecessor in the Central Asian region in the Central Asia.。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“She may have Continue Reading