Chapter Three Eighty One To the sunset forest Qianyu’s eyes flashed with surprise,Slowly let go of Huo Yuhao,Staring at his dark blue eyes“You all know?” Huo Yuhao nodded seriously“Ok!Qianyu,No matter what i think,Have only come to this conclusion” Secretly in my heart“I seem to be right,Qianyu does like Wang Dong!” Although Huo Yuhao couldn’t figure Continue Reading

Because Zhong Yuankai might admit wrong,But this patriarch Zhong speaks,Xiang Tian dare not doubt the identity of Lin Shao,Is fake。 That’s why,Xiangtian at this moment,After the shock,All fear。 Xiang Fei beside the sky,Can’t stand the shock,Directly paralyzed underground。 “Nothing,Not too late。” Lin Yu who heard this,Smiled。 “Do not,It’s still too late,Let Lin Shao you be Continue Reading

Xiangyanghong as the fourth-class family in Ganghwa City,I want to investigate Lin Shao, the heir of the Lin family,Naturally it can’t be investigated。 Precisely because of this,Xiang Yanghong can only use this method at this moment,Let your grandson and Lin’s heirs meet。 One side,Xiang Fei was electrocuted to the point that he didn’t even know Continue Reading

———— First135chapter The battle has begun!!(One more subscription!Ask for monthly pass!) Inside the TV,The reporter is interviewing Zheng Rongrong。 Zheng Rongrong in a formal suit,Looks radiant。 reporter:“Mr. Zheng,Everyone is talking,You are losing money this time,It took a whole7Billion in publicity funds,In the end but not got1Billion return。What do you think?” Zheng Rongrong smiled:“When any company Continue Reading

She looked at the script and said to Xu Shuang happily:“Today we are the LordMCUp,Seize this opportunity。” Xu Shuang frowned,He hadn’t heard of this process before,How did it temporarily change? Lu Shanshan took the script and looked at it with interest,The opening remark is the focus of a variety show,The host will say a long Continue Reading

That’s enough。 Although the old father loves the little padded jacket the most,But there is no way to accompany her forever! Someone will take my place,Go hold her hand,Walked with her…… ———— First1000chapter Di Xiaoling’s birthday After Shen Huan returned to Lin’an,Vacation mode is on。 First, Principal Zhu of Mingxian Middle School asked him to Continue Reading

The preseason can be ignored,But in the regular season or even the playoffs,Can they still consider the outcome?? “Eh?and many more!” “We all seem to forget someone?” “Who?” “PJ·What did Tucker do in this game?Why I feel like he is invisible.” “Get out of the way,Let me Concanta’s technical statistics for this game. Ok,Appearance30minute.what?PJ·Tucker played30minute?” Continue Reading

Finally you are here,Luckily i didn’t give up…… Happiness comes hard,Will make people cherish more……” Chorus, Gu Qiao’s fingers trembled a little while holding the phone。 This onedemoNo complicated background music,Only the long and deep guitar sound,But because of this,It highlights the clarity of Luban’s sound quality。 She’s not listening to songs anymore,But looking for Continue Reading

It’s normal to be scored,Otherwise,Took it at Xu Xuan halftime25In the case of points,The score can’t be equalized。 Chinese offense。 The baseline ball comes out。 The head coach of the Australian team Lemanis kept yelling from the sidelines:“Outside line!Outside line!Outside line!” He was scared by Xu Xuan’s three-pointer,He has never seen a three-pointer so casual,Throw Continue Reading

Then? Can she give up her career? If not,Can the two of them still get along as they do now?? Did not listen to Lin Dong,As if still sitting,Still thinking…… Lin Dong returned to the room,After closing the door,So I bald myself。 Beasts are not as good! It looks like I can’t sleep at ease Continue Reading