Because Zhong Yuankai might admit wrong,But this patriarch Zhong speaks,Xiang Tian dare not doubt the identity of Lin Shao,Is fake。
That’s why,Xiangtian at this moment,After the shock,All fear。
Xiang Fei beside the sky,Can’t stand the shock,Directly paralyzed underground。
“Nothing,Not too late。”
Lin Yu who heard this,Smiled。
“Do not,It’s still too late,Let Lin Shao you be wronged,Really Sorry。”
Finished saying this,Chief Zhong turned his head to look to the sky,Cold road:“Xiangtian,You are so bold,Don’t say kidnapping my grandson Zhong Yuankai,Still shot Lin Shao。”
“I”Xiang Tian heard this,Just wanted to speak。
Open mouth,Find myself speechless,Don’t know what to say。
at the same time!Beyond the door,Another group of people appeared。
“Step aside,We are from the Lin family。”
As soon as these people show up,Self-name。
in fact,Even if you don’t report your name,Everyone knows that these people belong to the Lin family,After all, the clothes the other party wears,There are signs of the Lin family。
The Zhong family heard that the other party was from the Lin family,Give way。
“Lin Shao,Sorry,I was wronged by being late。”
Captain of the Lin Family Guard,Bow your head respectfully。