First0424chapter Resurgence
If you don’t understand, you don’t have to do it,Anyway, be a man,I can’t let a woman always take the initiative,Xia Jian thought of this,I wore a piece of clothing,Walked out of my door。
Wang Lin’s room is right across from him,In fact, it’s just one step away,Xia Jian raised his hand,Just knocked twice,The door opened。Xia Jian did not say a word,People have arrived in the house。
Wang Lin just came out of the bathroom,Just wrapped in a bath towel,Bai Ruyuzhi’s fragrant shoulders are exposed,Xia Jian was frightened,He can hardly be himself。He forgot that women are far less efficient than men,It seems that Wang Lin just finished taking a shower,I don’t necessarily want to go to him。
“You sit first!Can come to my room,I can’t believe it。who are you?General Manager of Tangdang Venture Group,How can you see me Wang Lin”Wang Lin taunted Xia Jian,While turning around to pour tea。
Xia Jian pulled Wang Lin over,Took it into my arms,Asked breathlessly:“You misunderstood me!I am a migrant worker,How dare you graduate from colleges and universities like you?,All the attempts of a strong woman with a good family background,Why shouldn’t the toad want to eat swan meat?”
Wang Lin gave a light push,Broke free from Xia Jian’s arms,She smiled and said:“Clever mouth,No loss is my boss。But Wang Lin is not as scary as you think,I know,You want to be free,Don’t want women to be a stumbling block on your way to freedom,So you dare not love any woman”
Xia Jian was taken aback,This woman is simply the roundworm in her stomach,How to make his mind so clear。I saw Wang Lin smiled and said:“Do not worry!I won’t be lazy on you,Even if we are in bed,That’s my voluntary。What Wang Lin is willing to do,Never hold others accountable”
Wang Lin’s words and everything are in Xia Jian’s heart,But he can’t promise anything to others,Simply silly again,Roar loudly:“Don’t tell me these complicated questions,I just have wine now and drunk now,Drink cold water tomorrow without alcohol”
Xia Jian finished,People have rushed to Wang Lin’s side,Pulling his hand on the towel wrapped around him,Wang Lin’s jade body is all displayed in front of him,Wang Lin gave a shy cry,Hugged Xia Jian fiercely。
What a mess,What I want is pleasure。Xia Jian gently threw Wang Lin onto the big bed,I pressed the switch in the room,A violent roll,Then came the joyful voices of men and women mixed together。
It’s very quiet outside the window tonight,But this room is full of spring,A piece of spring。
the next day,When Chen Xia came,Xia Jian just returned to his room,But the mess on Wang Lin’s bed,Still make Chen Xia a little suspicious,She asked half-jokingly:“Did you sleep with Mr. Xia?”
Wang Lin pretended to be angry and said:“Don’t talk nonsense,Is it because his secretary must accompany him to sleep??”This sounds a bit reasonable,But the facts are just different。
“Humph!You made the bed like this by yourself,I don’t believe any ghosts”Chen Xia joked with Wang Lin,Fortunately she didn’t delve into it,If you keep asking,Wang Lin will not confess if he can’t do it。
Three people just got off the stairs,Xia Jian suddenly pulled his leg,Ran across the road like crazy。He saw a familiar figure again,This time, she must not let her slip under her nose,Even if you make a mistake, there is no defense。