“learn,I certainly understand,husband,This life encounters you,Is our luck。”Tang Yin Yao whispered:“There is also a news on the side of the snow.,But not very certain。” “Does the news from Tangjia??”Lin Feng heard the slight excitement。 “Um,I have a result of a predecessor in the Central Asian region in the Central Asia.。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“She may have Continue Reading

First0424chapter Resurgence If you don’t understand, you don’t have to do it,Anyway, be a man,I can’t let a woman always take the initiative,Xia Jian thought of this,I wore a piece of clothing,Walked out of my door。 Wang Lin’s room is right across from him,In fact, it’s just one step away,Xia Jian raised his hand,Just knocked Continue Reading

fiscal:2000 Back home,Liao Jie is washed away,Turning out the system,Reward,Far more often,Almost quickly catch up with the way of refining。 A claw,Plus the original iron sand palm、Flourish,And strong golden legs that are cultivation,I can make a punish leg three,Further reduced his shortcomings in the melee fight。 but,How to have a red rope! Since learned the Continue Reading

Because Zhong Yuankai might admit wrong,But this patriarch Zhong speaks,Xiang Tian dare not doubt the identity of Lin Shao,Is fake。 That’s why,Xiangtian at this moment,After the shock,All fear。 Xiang Fei beside the sky,Can’t stand the shock,Directly paralyzed underground。 “Nothing,Not too late。” Lin Yu who heard this,Smiled。 “Do not,It’s still too late,Let Lin Shao you be Continue Reading

Tang San looked at the 100-meter aquamarine light blade that hit,“Can still track!” The Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his other hand! immediately,The eighth scarlet spirit ring under my feet suddenly lit up!! Eighth Spirit Ability,Thousands of barriers! Tang quickly raised the Clear Sky Hammer,Continually use the chaotic cloak hammer method to explode terrifying power Continue Reading

But now,He feels that only such a gift is worthy of the present self。 I can guess when my parents received these things,Will blame him for wasting money。 but,Can also guess when parents show these things intentionally or unintentionally in front of outsiders,That must be very satisfying。 For those satisfactions,The money is worth it。 Finished Continue Reading

With word of mouth and tears flying together,《Gift in Room 7》It’s sunday,Attendance and box office not only did not drop,Instead, it ushered in a small increase,Reached8700Ten thousand yuan! Three days off the first weekend,《Gift in Room 7》box office2.05Billion RMB,Broke again《love letter》First weekend1.303100 million box office literary film record。 The overseas box office is even stronger。 Continue Reading

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。 “rare,Xiaoyun is actually afraid of us,Ha ha。” Murong Shan’s voice suddenly sounded behind Shen’s No. 4 Primary School!This time it really shocked the fourth elementary school of the Shen family!Because no one really found out when Shen Ruoxi and the others stood behind them。 “Damn!I’m done now!” Liu Xiaoyun cried out Continue Reading

When Dang Wei shook hands with the old chief,He found Ding Yi,After the conversation with the old chief,I walked over to say hello to Ding Yi。Dang Wei said in surprise:“Xiaoding,I didn’t expect to meet you here,Ten years,You are still so beautiful,No change at all!” Dang Wei was a young cadre of the Central Propaganda Department,Was Continue Reading

Wu Guanqi said:“I am not satisfied。” Yin Nan smiled:“What else?” Wu Guanqi said again:“right now,Please close your eyes,Prepare for new life……” Yin Nan was shocked,Subconsciously raised his head from Wu Guanqi’s arms,Except Wu Guanqi’s half-open upper body,The rest does not matter“New life”Signs of。 Wu Guanqi“Haha”laughing out loud,Said:“It seems,Do you know where the new life comes Continue Reading