Jod also licked his lips,I hurried forward to remind my son-in-law。 “Do not worry,I have my own way!” Mo Xiaosheng smiled at them,Said indifferently,In fact, he had already thought of this,Maybe for ordinary people, this wild goose cottage is not looking for,But for some organizations in the state sector,It’s not difficult。 Seeing Mo Xiaosheng said Continue Reading

“This woman is so cheap,It is estimated that Dr. Qiao and Dr. Mo had a good time,Came here to destroy others。” “Just,I also believe that Dr. Mo and Dr. Qiao,What this woman looks like,Her brother might not be much better,Designated to be dumped by Doctor Qiao!” “I think so too,Dr. Qiao is such a beautiful Continue Reading

“Row,You are uncle,You are the ancestor,I dare not mess with you,Alright。” Yang Shiyun’s Compromise。 “Then you take me home later?” Qin Liang started…… “Ugh……You!” Yang Shiyun frowned and looked at Qin Liang,Sigh。 “Answer,With or without?” Qin Liang is talking,Hold Yang Shiyun tighter。 “Dare i say no?……” Yang Shiyun’s helpless answer。 “Did you and me make Continue Reading

Sang Xiaoxi looked at him:“If you really love me,Do you still say these things?Is my life important,Villagers are more important to you。After all,You still want to take the credit,Your Royal Highness’s position in the court,Can go to the next level。” Ouyang Shuo suddenly clenched his fists:“original,That’s how you think of this king in your heart。” Continue Reading

Ding Yi thought about it:“Row,Then please。 “it is good。”He slapped with joy,Said:“I finally found a serious college student。” Ding Yi reached out,Said:“Wen Ju,I’m still a layman for TV,Hope you help。” Wen Qingxuan shook her hand and said:“I still have a lot of junior high school students here,no problem,I am very optimistic about you。” Ding Yi Continue Reading

Behind the popularity of cloud recruitment: human resources companies increased by 180,000 new highs last year Under the influence of Sauna News, a large number of units launched online “cloud recruitment” activities, breaking the traditional recruitment concept through Internet technology and artificial intelligence.Attempted data shows that from a nationwide perspective, there are 67 companies including Continue Reading

On March 25, the State Administration of Drug Administration’s government service portal announced the decision to receive information for the registration of two batches of special medical formula food.The products declared by Ningbo Special One Food Co., Ltd. were once “named” by the General Administration of Market Supervision because of “pretending” to be special medical Continue Reading