Li Kuian took out the magnifying glass,Put on gloves and observe carefully for a while。 Nodded:“Really an old thing,It should be a private seal in the late Qing Dynasty,Zhang Ti is Tian Huangshi,But the texture is average,The condition is not complete。” “What you want,Fifteen thousand。” Man stretches out two fingers:“Twenty thousand!Less improper。” Li Kuian Continue Reading

Here,Song Fang is dressed,Jumped off the bed,Stood in front of Chen Erniu,She shouted sharply:“enough!I steal a man at home,Didn’t you steal women outside?” Wang Lijun’s raised hand,When I heard Song Fang’s sentence,Can’t help but stop in the air,He gritted his teeth and said:“You nonsense,What evidence do you have for me” “evidence!Don’t forget,Your current factory,Most of Continue Reading

The ability to flow a branky bone is“Five ghost game”,Derivatives from five children,That is to say that the flowers and bones have five capabilities.。 The first“Glower”Guess color game,Has been in the night。 Now Jingle Chunshui doesn’t plan to play a single game.,Because of the ability of night,Soon, it will be protected.。 Now he wants to Continue Reading

———— First135chapter The battle has begun!!(One more subscription!Ask for monthly pass!) Inside the TV,The reporter is interviewing Zheng Rongrong。 Zheng Rongrong in a formal suit,Looks radiant。 reporter:“Mr. Zheng,Everyone is talking,You are losing money this time,It took a whole7Billion in publicity funds,In the end but not got1Billion return。What do you think?” Zheng Rongrong smiled:“When any company Continue Reading

“I see who dares!”Jiao Yuan raised his head and voiced cold,“Don’t see where this is!Believe it or not, I arrested you all!” What he said is mighty and domineering,This is Hayang,Is his turf,It’s not the turn of others to dominate here! A few bodyguards stopped immediately,Didn’t dare to do it,To know,Jiao Yuan casually ordered,I’m afraid Continue Reading

Zifeng Road:“You wait,I’ll go to the pen and notebook。”</p> With,Don’t wait for the answer on the phone,Ran away quickly,Came to the yard,Shouted:“Brother Luo,Someone looking for you。”</p> “Find me?”Su Luo was taken aback,Then he came to the room suspiciously,Pick up antelope。</p> “Hey,I am Su Luo。”</p> The opposite is also startled,Isn’t Zifeng answering the phone??Why did you Continue Reading

“Of course there are times when jealous,Do you need to ask?。” Shen Ruoxue’s frank answer,Liu Xiaoyun just smiled,Did not speak。 “such as?” Qin Liang continued to ask。 “Not like……For example, let’s not say。” Shen Ruoxue said embarrassingly。 “Don’t you say how would i know?Come,Give an example for brother-in-law。” Qin Liang is even more curious now…… Continue Reading

At this moment,The director will find a good one《Only mother is good in the world》Song music,Push up slowly,The childish voice rang softly…… The music is just right,Not only can Ding Yi relieve his emotions,Organization language,It also played a role in the effect of live broadcast。 Ding Yi continued:“I have seen too many children who have Continue Reading

This is Qin Liang’s mood change based on Xiao Yu’er these days,And her judgment about suicide by cutting her wrist。of course,He never asked Xiao Yuer,I never told any of the girls in the Shen family,But he believes that his instincts cannot be wrong,And in fact,In his previous combat career,His instinct has saved him more than Continue Reading

锘挎澀宸為緳鍑ら獙璇? perfectly frank, Father Michaud, I don鈥檛 know what to do.鈥? Dick鈥檚 shoulders seemed to droop as he made the assertion. He was feeling the weight of his responsibilities, had reached the point where it seemed 鏉窞瓒虫荡鐢ㄥ搧鎵瑰彂甯傚満 impossible to go on. And then, 鏉窞婊ㄦ睙鎸夋懇涓嶆瑙勭殑 suddenly, there flashed through his mind the grim figure of the Continue Reading