Hao Shuai,Tightful,“Boy,What do you mean?!” Narrate。 Summer day a shoot forehead,即 的 的 他 他,“I just want to ask,Who gives you a name,It’s too embarrassed.,Hao Shuai……You are handsome.! ” Hen! Xu Meizhen doesn’t know what is going on.,It seems that this guy is the same as that cannot be described.,Originally made her anger,At this moment, Continue Reading

“hateful,I am fighting with you.。” After all, in this case,He Liang If you don’t fight?。 So waiting for his results only one,That is directly solved。 But there are these places,http://www.aukma.cn At this moment,He is more revealing in the eyes of He Liang。 but,If the cloud is directly here.。 at this time,The attitude of cloud is Continue Reading

“Brother Jie Liao!Let’s have dinner!Come and try my feast!”Liu Yun shouted outside the door。 Lu Yi walked out the door gently,Just like his father,Reborn from the ashes。 ———— Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventy Three Achilles At dinner,Liu Yunguo really made a table of good dishes to treat Lu Yi,Fried Pho、Meat dumplings、Shrimp Cake、Secret fish sauce, etc.,It’s all from Continue Reading

Xiangyanghong as the fourth-class family in Ganghwa City,I want to investigate Lin Shao, the heir of the Lin family,Naturally it can’t be investigated。 Precisely because of this,Xiang Yanghong can only use this method at this moment,Let your grandson and Lin’s heirs meet。 One side,Xiang Fei was electrocuted to the point that he didn’t even know Continue Reading

They are not even as good as the brains of some little milk dog starsxDiehard fan。 Those diehard fans can still die,Whether these stars are good or bad in the end,Will follow,Very firm。 But ordinary netizens are different。 They are easily emotional,It is easy to be confused by some sensational words,So as to follow the Continue Reading

I’m in a great mood like Pippi Shrimp,I reopened the video material that was recorded yesterday,I worked hard to make the second round of video again。 She can make 10 or 20 in this video。 After these two days,,Shen Huan will have another game tomorrow night,I can go to shoot again then! …… Bored students Continue Reading

“Haha,You say so too!”Li Rencheng couldn’t help but laughed。 Since he can’t open the situation at the dinner table,Then others will definitely not work,So everyone is still the same starting line,No one is ahead。 Ke Shu next to him is thoughtful,“Li Sheng,You didn’t find him private food?” “Huajing’s private kitchens are all from the Imperial Continue Reading

It’s dark outside。 She missed dinner again。But because of late lunch,So not so hungry,But there is still a sense of emptiness and loss that should be eaten but not eaten。 Remaining knock on the door,Baby Ou continued to be paralyzed,“Advance。” As a result, Yu Sheng sent Xie Yun in。 Xie Yun’s distress is really distressed,Speechless Continue Reading

———— The first thousand two hundred and eighty-eight chapters Free of charge ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! They decided to eat French food。This idea came from Fluttershy,She thinks it’s a celebration,Be formal,Grandiose,So Western food is undoubtedly a good choice。 And a French restaurant,Generally Continue Reading

PS,There is an easter egg chapter at the back of this chapter,Is a game video I made before,Incorporated all the original characters I have writtenFIFA17In the game,And then recruit them all into the Chinese national team,So it became the strongest Chinese team in history。 Because this video was made before,So you don’t have to worry Continue Reading