Autumn “Three Fruits” Anti-constipation Constipation is a mystery that plagues many people. Dry autumn makes it more prone to constipation.   Recently, the “Daily Health Network” in the United States published “Food for Relieving Constipation” for your reference.   Berries Berries such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are low in calories and high in moisture and dietary Continue Reading

Healthy eating away from stomach cancer As early as in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing’s “A Brief Guide to the Lack of Gold” pointed out: “The taste of food is not only suitable for the disease, but also harmful to the body; if it is appropriate, it will benefit the body, and the Continue Reading

A miserable office relationship When a bright eyes Qi Zhi came to the meeting after finishing the matter at hand, the opening song and dance had ended, and he randomly found a seat beside him.   The two hosts on the stage were busy talking about the words-the man who he knew was the youngest grandson Continue Reading

Eyes reveal women’s inner characteristics For women, some kind of big eyes are happy, because at least a little charming charm is added. They have more artistic sensibility and developed a sense of rhythm. Lively personality, open-minded, will not hide his mind. They are also more open in love, and rarely twiddle with shame. As Continue Reading

Make “Kara” Always “OK” The department manager invited K song, and everyone went madly. Well, if you do n’t know, Kara is really wonderful: all kinds of singing methods are available, high school bass is all-inclusive, how can there be. The most precious thing is the innovative spirit. It is not easy to rub all Continue Reading

Digestive and spleen stomach fish sauce stir-fried vegetables Ingredients: Two yellow buds (about 160 grams), broccoli, kale, sprouts, two fresh mushrooms (about 80 grams), four pearl bamboo shoots, carrots, and fish sauce.   Method: 1. Wash all the materials first, cut them separately, and make fresh mushrooms, broccoli and pearl bamboo shoots out of the water. Continue Reading

How to hold a newborn Holding a newborn often will increase the emotional communication between the parent and the baby, and also make the baby more fit. Many people think that this is a serious problem that he develops crying without holding. In fact, otherwise, the crying of the newborn is mainly caused by death, Continue Reading

8 big lies to unravel muscle aunts Lie 1. The truth of “sex is the best exercise”: A passionate “bed exercise” consumes a large amount of roughly a short walk, because the posture you take is either lying or sitting, and almost no muscles will be moved. If you want to maximize the “fitness effect”, Continue Reading

Experts answer common questions about baby rice noodles What are the main ingredients of baby rice noodles? Do babies have to eat baby rice noodles?   A: The baby grows to 3? At 5 months, supplementary foods should be added scientifically in a timely manner. One of the most important is baby rice noodles. For babies Continue Reading

锘? 7 life details that can greatly improve your brain power The brain will gradually decline as the age increases. However, according to reports, experts said that paying attention to the details of seven lives can greatly improve brain power. 銆€銆€Three things are rotated. Dr. Gary Smar, of the University of California’s Center for Aging Continue Reading