Drinking water properly to maintain health: those with cold stomach should drink black tea to warm their stomach “Do you drink water? -This is something you do every day, but you may not do it right. Is it safe for you to drink water? What kind of water should you drink? Have you overlooked the Continue Reading

I often wear snow boots in winter to make my feet smell bad and wash my feet with soap Winter shoes and socks are relatively thick, easy to sweat, sweat is not easy to produce odor, may wish to wash your feet with soap, can help you remove the odor. Women are afraid of cold. Continue Reading

Alternative psychiatry in the cyber world In just a few years, the speed of the development of the Internet is like the atomic bomb, which has caused people’s lives to the bottom. The Internet elites were inspired by this speed, and proclaimed to all sentient beings: “The Internet era is coming, and the Internet is Continue Reading

Eat millet often to remove oral odor Bad breath that annoys others and embarrasses oneself is a small problem that cannot be taken lightly. If not treated in time, it will lead to impaired health and bring psychological shadow. Experts make the following 9 suggestions to help you eliminate bad breath easily.   1. Eat food Continue Reading

Medicinal diet for treating hypertension Today, I will share with you the medicated diet for rehabilitation. We together look.     Asthma is a chronic allergic disease with recurrent dyspnea and wheezing. The disease belongs to the “breathing syndrome” part of traditional Chinese medicine. Its occurrence is mostly caused by phlegm in the lungs, coupled with external Continue Reading

Cordyceps non-divine virgins should be bogey Ms. Wang, a retired employee of Zhengzhou City, has been suffering from bronchial asthma for 14 years. She is sick when she suffers from fatigue or climate change. She is usually weak and prone to catch a cold. Recently, due to fatigue, cough and suffocation, more into the night, Continue Reading

Holiday decompression has a private house trick According to the “2007 Survey Report on Occupational Mental Health Management of Chinese Enterprise Employees”, more than half of employees who have been trapped by work pressure or have career planning or interpersonal relationships in the office. How do white-collar workers in Chengdu deal with this problem when Continue Reading

10 safety precautions for children going out by car 1. It is absolutely forbidden to place children on the car seat at will: Because parents can’t control their own body when they make a sudden brake or turn, they will hit the front or side like the baby. 2. Parents are strictly prohibited from authorizing Continue Reading

Controversy over Parents’ “Foster Parenting” [Introduction]: A “hot mom” posted an online post to collect children’s “recruitment group” which aroused people’s attention. For those parents who want to get rid of “child slaves”, the “fostering parenting method”, some people think that it is conducive to the growth of their children, but it may be a Continue Reading

Health Prediction Revealed in Proverbs Proverbs are a summary of the people’s long-term life struggle experience. They express profound truths with popular and concise sentences. Throughout the ages, people have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience of health and disease prevention, and have concentrated their proverbs, successfully guiding people in all aspects of life Continue Reading