Careful selection of autumn baby skin care products Children’s skin is so good, do they need skin care products? The answer is yes. Because the baby’s skin is too delicate and vulnerable to injury. How can I protect my baby’s skin when it is dry in autumn? Is it safe to choose a skin care Continue Reading

Hatha Yoga Action 1: Relax the upper body, strengthen the curve of the lower body with both forefingers resting on the chest, the neck relaxed, the stomach closed, the tail spine facing down, and then put your feet together, the body remains unchanged, the right foot is bent, the soles are placed on the thighs Continue Reading

About Vatican Founded in 2004, Vanjana Yoga is located in Beijing’s most prosperous CBD business district. It is the first domestic cooperative institution with a professional yoga institute in India and has inherited the classic yoga system of India for more than 5000 years. India and domestic dual certificate coach certification courses. High-temperature yoga instructor Continue Reading

_1 Four tips to get rid of blackheads easily Blackheads on the nose annoy many MMs. In fact, there are many tricks to combat blackheads. BB oil, soda powder, blackhead replacement fluid can all solve blackheads. Let’s take a look.   Method for removing blackheads from baking soda: Add a small amount of baking soda to Continue Reading

5 key ways to improve your skin’s texture At present, people can fully protect their faces. However, if your skin quality is not completely improved, then more care is only a matter of appearance. Starting from five points, come to the field to “make a big turn.””Oh!   A, skin problems can be solved by washing Continue Reading

Essentials for shaping a healthy lifestyle Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is very important for health, but what kind of lifestyle is considered a healthy lifestyle? Below, I will introduce 6 points of life health care for you. Don’t miss it if you are concerned about health care.   1. Don’t eat after exercise: People will feel Continue Reading

Make women more sexy First, say aloud, “I’m fine! “When people are happy, wonderful changes will take place in the body, which will give them new motivation and strength. But don’t always want to be happy outside yourself. The thing that makes you happy is nowhere else, it’s on you. Therefore, creating a period of Continue Reading

DIY yogurt mask moisturizing and whitening Potassium, zinc, vitamin B2 and other biologically active substances in yogurt also have various effects in adjuvant treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as lowering blood pressure, preventing stroke, preventing hypertension and improving heart function.   Yogurt mask: moisturizing and whitening exfoliation 1, strawberry mask to break down acne materials: 4 Continue Reading

11 health foods for kidney and spleen in autumn 1. Chestnuts: It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing kidney and strengthening bones.   2, Walnut: can nourish kidney and solid essence, warm the lungs and set asthma, and can nourish qi and nourish blood, moisturize the intestines.   3, red dates: autumn dates Continue Reading

Early menstruation diet conditioning People who come early during menstruation should eat less spices, less meat, less onions, onions, green peppers, more vegetables, massage the ears before eating to relieve fatigue, and don’t feel uneasy and nervous.   The so-called “early arrival” and “late arrival” are calculated based on the individual’s physiological cycle. Whether it is Continue Reading