Liu Xiaoyun continued to question…… “Of course you are not!If you are a fool,There is no smart person in this world!Ok,I said something wrong,Sorry,Little ancestor。” Qin Liang honestly admitted his mistake,He doesn’t want to be stunned by Liu Xiaoyun in such a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere。 “Humph。” Liu Xiaoyun is in a good mood right Continue Reading

There was a brief silence in the room,Fan Wenliang broke the silence,He glanced at Peng Changyi and said:“Changyi,How is your guest?” Wang Jiadong says:“Fanji, rest early, too,It’s late。” Wang Jiadong says:“See what you say,You look,Standing in front of you,Who is an outsider?” Jiang Fan said:“I’m going to see if Madoka has arranged a room for Continue Reading

“Yes,Greyhound promises not to talk nonsense。”The fat man quickly agreed。 joke,Fatty isn’t going to die to that extent,Joking with your own life,He doesn’t want to follow that bodyguard。 Back to Jiafu last night,Zong Xueqin has been worried,Since Xia Chenglong dared to come,You are absolutely sure to deal with yourself,She still knows something about that man。 Continue Reading

This scene surprised many Chinese fans,In the live screen of Ascendas Video,Many appeared“This is the Korean team we know?”Barrage like this。 The mental willpower of Korean football has always been the focus of media propaganda,Whether it’s Chinese media or Korean media,They have all promoted the spiritual qualities of Korean players as their best football。 So Continue Reading

“Touch me again,Is not expelled,But……dead!” Ye Tianzong finished quietly。 The murderous aura is condensed,It’s like a devil,Let the lobby manager shrink back subconsciously。 “Security guard,Throw this stuff out!Dare to mess with my big brother?You are impatient?” Zhang Feide is also good at coming,See it,Greet the security immediately,Drag the lobby manager away。 And that beautiful foreman,Become Continue Reading

“All right,Now the three of you are all here,Can start interrogating me。” Song Junming casually opened the cigarette that Yang Shiyun bought for him,Take out a bag, open it, and pull out one to hold it on your mouth,I said to the three girls in front of me while I lit a cigarette。 “Who said Continue Reading