Open your eyes again,Michael Jordan’s eyes are like stars。 . The Lakers players appeared in a boo。 They are used to the hustle and bustle of away games,Even the blood red atmosphere of the bull,There is no waves in their hearts。 They are no longer the rookies at the beginning of the season。 Growing up Continue Reading

“senior,Gu Yuena is not worth it。”Pursed lips,Gu Yuena said slowly。 These days,She sees Zhao Ming’s actions,So she can’t be quiet。 Zhao Ming’s status is much more noble than her,She is only half of the Dragon God after all,Not even a real dragon god。Before absorbing the power of the Golden Dragon King,She is nothing。But Zhao Ming Continue Reading

“I let you have evidence!” After smashed,Pharaoh laughs。 “you”Secretary Liang pointed at Old Wang and said angrily。 “You what you? You think you look more beautiful,Can you wrong my son?? Believe it or not, I sue you?” Pharaoh Anti-Intimidation。 “Sue me? Ha ha!!Your son smashed Lin’s car window。 You smashed my phone too,You dare to Continue Reading

Jod also licked his lips,I hurried forward to remind my son-in-law。 “Do not worry,I have my own way!” Mo Xiaosheng smiled at them,Said indifferently,In fact, he had already thought of this,Maybe for ordinary people, this wild goose cottage is not looking for,But for some organizations in the state sector,It’s not difficult。 Seeing Mo Xiaosheng said Continue Reading

I’m in a great mood like Pippi Shrimp,I reopened the video material that was recorded yesterday,I worked hard to make the second round of video again。 She can make 10 or 20 in this video。 After these two days,,Shen Huan will have another game tomorrow night,I can go to shoot again then! …… Bored students Continue Reading

But now,He feels that only such a gift is worthy of the present self。 I can guess when my parents received these things,Will blame him for wasting money。 but,Can also guess when parents show these things intentionally or unintentionally in front of outsiders,That must be very satisfying。 For those satisfactions,The money is worth it。 Finished Continue Reading

“Silly?Don’t I want to enjoy beautiful love?What I want to say is not love game theory,Because in the game, apart from zero sum and negative sum,There is also a win-win。Simply put, let1+1more than the2,Put it in business and game love,Is to extend the shelf life of love as much as possible,For women who are inherently Continue Reading

Shadow road“Biphos Array!” I saw him cast the Jade Snake King,Open your big mouth and spit out countless light green poisons towards the front…… After doing this, he and Chenxin quickly retreated towards the rear…… As for Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong,They can’t take care of it now! Ghost and Yueguan yelled“hateful!” When the two Continue Reading

Tianyu came to the inner world and said coldly。 A figure appeared in front of her,The old face makes people think that it is almost in the ground,It is Yuntian,When Lin Yan’s vitality was only three days left, the inner world gradually collapsed,He also gradually fell asleep,Everything in the body is aging。 “How did you Continue Reading

Guard the earth,Guarding Azeroth,Guard the world。 When everyone is distorted by crazy will,Then the awake guy is the craziest one。 Nesario has tried,Hope to save the world with the dragon soul。 But his brothers and sisters could not understand his intentions。 after a long time,Nesario just understood,It’s not the other four dragon kings who are Continue Reading