Then? Can she give up her career? If not,Can the two of them still get along as they do now?? Did not listen to Lin Dong,As if still sitting,Still thinking…… Lin Dong returned to the room,After closing the door,So I bald myself。 Beasts are not as good! It looks like I can’t sleep at ease Continue Reading

Golden Frieza then made up a kick attack,After kicking Naruto flying,Then stretched out his right palm to Naruto,Ready to emit light waves。 But Frieza’s right hand was gradually frozen by frost,Frieza shook his arm slightly,Shattered the frost on his arm。 Taking advantage of this time,The kicked Naruto also came to Frieza,Kick Frieza’s belly again,At the Continue Reading

Eddie Jones dribbled forward,Doug-Christie changes defense to Eddie Jones,Quickly stopped him。 no solution anymore,Still fell into position。 Fall into position,Kobe didn’t panic,No rush。 Dangling leisurely at the bottom corner of the three-pointer,Horry and Eddie Jones hold the ball high,Ready to look for opportunities。 John-Long eyeing!As alive~Former Minister of the Serbian Dynasty,The coach’s purpose in putting Continue Reading

Tang San looked at the 100-meter aquamarine light blade that hit,“Can still track!” The Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his other hand! immediately,The eighth scarlet spirit ring under my feet suddenly lit up!! Eighth Spirit Ability,Thousands of barriers! Tang quickly raised the Clear Sky Hammer,Continually use the chaotic cloak hammer method to explode terrifying power Continue Reading

Chen Yi couldn’t help being ecstatic when he heard this,But he immediately pretended to be distraught,She gave a scream,Then he slumped on the ground and cried,“If I stopped you,I won’t let you come to Heyang,I won’t give my life away in vain!” Chen Yi lay on the cold ground and cried,Painful,Someone who doesn’t know her Continue Reading

Luo Yilin’s face turned pale,Rushed over and grabbed Mo Xiaosheng’s arm,Anxious:“Are you crazy?” “Yilin,Don’t worry,Nothing will happen。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and comforted her,I drank so many bowls just now and I was fine,I only drank a small bowl now,Surely okay。 After Mo Xiaosheng drank it,The toxins in the tea are quickly absorbed by the intestines and Continue Reading

“No hair on mouth,It’s inevitable to be insecure!” “The first one,Really have to be cautious!” After Shi Hao finished speaking, there were sporadic echoes immediately below.。 Perhaps everyone sitting here dare not speak directly against Hao Ningyuan,But with Shi Hao,,They are naturally more courageous,And only denied Mo Xiaosheng,They have a chance。 Shi Hao saw that Continue Reading

“Mr. Xu will sit at the head table to accompany the vice minister,We naturally have to sit here for company,Please change table,Thank you。” The leading man with a wide forehead said coldly,A bit arrogant in his tone。 “Mr. Xu?You are from the Lee Group?”Tang Hao was surprised。 “Not bad。”Wide forehead man nodding,A sense of superiority。 Continue Reading

Carlos makes a pious prayer,Then added a sentence。 “That’s the true god。” “amount,Dear Luna Lord,Dai Lin, your admirer.Proudmoore’s sincerest tribute to you。” A lot of foreshadowing before contact,The admiral decisively“Omnipotent”Luna。 “do you know。” Carlos turned to the topic。 “Have something to say!” Dai Lin rolled his eyes。 “I was knocked out of the demigod,Stronger。” “what?” Continue Reading

They are not even as good as the brains of some little milk dog starsxDiehard fan。 Those diehard fans can still die,Whether these stars are good or bad in the end,Will follow,Very firm。 But ordinary netizens are different。 They are easily emotional,It is easy to be confused by some sensational words,So as to follow the Continue Reading