“Yes,Greyhound promises not to talk nonsense。”The fat man quickly agreed。
joke,Fatty isn’t going to die to that extent,Joking with your own life,He doesn’t want to follow that bodyguard。
Back to Jiafu last night,Zong Xueqin has been worried,Since Xia Chenglong dared to come,You are absolutely sure to deal with yourself,She still knows something about that man。
“baby,I heard that something happened in Jiadi city last night,You are not injured!”Canaan Luo appeared from behind,Put your hand on the woman’s shoulder and asked。
“Do not worry,I am okay,Everything is in plan,It won’t affect you。”
Canaan nodded without a trace,Turn around and sit opposite:“Do not worry,anyway,No one can hurt you,If anyone dares to find something,I’ll kill him for you。”
“Ok,I believe in people I value,Definitely have that strength。”
Seemingly ordinary conversation,If you put it in the general family,Even looks sweet and full,But from the mouth of the two,There is always something that cannot be explained。
At least their existence is not only because of love,For a warrior,The most important thing in his life is still the realm,That’s the root。
Xia Chenglong and Fatty are back“Night charm”,Fatty didn’t see Dai Tianbao,I specifically asked Brother Shengbao,But when I felt the man’s murderous intent, I shut up。
Dai Tianbao,Of course he followed that Diaoye。
Although he is not the kind of master who is good at tracking,But he has the ability to become a holy,I want to track a warrior in the extraordinary realm,Still very easy。
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty One Escape the golden cicada
News came from Dai Tianbao after nine o’clock,That guy has action。
Xia Chenglong leaned on the sofa and opened his eyes,The old fox finally can’t sit still,Such a large quantity of goods,He has to discuss with his master。
Twenty minutes later,A car parked in front of a hotel,Xia Chenglong go up,Dai Tianbao is staring at the door。
“Long brother,He just got dressed in the shower。”