Sauna Night News On December 3, the world’s first pilot trailer for the Marvel movie “Black Widow” was released.The film will be released in North America at the beginning of May 1, 2020.The film is directed by Kate Shotland (“Girl Lohol” and “Berlin Syndrome”), Scarlett Johansson returns to starring, Florence Poe (“Female Drummer” “Little Woman”), DavidHubble (“Strange Story”), Rachel Vichy (“Mummy”), O.T. Fei Benle (“Story of the Maid”, “Xun”) and so on.The story timeline will follow the story of Arab mentioned in “Reunion” after “Captain America 3”.Recently, Scarlett Johansson noticed “Black Widow” in an interview with foreign media. She said: “I don’t want a story of origin.I also don’t want this film to be a pure spy film, I don’t want to be so superficial.I promised to make this personal movie because I think it fits the role.”She is also satisfied with the sacrifice outcome of Black Widow in Avengers 4: Endgame.””I think unless there is a deeper story to present, there is no need to shoot.”She said,” Because I completed my mission in “Reunification 4”, and I am very satisfied.So you have enough reasons to make this personal movie, not to extract her last value.Although she could not disclose the specific content, she said that the film will “upgrade the genre of superhero movies, and will discuss a lot of painful content and face a lot of injuries and injuries.””Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreads Lu Qian