“I have a hasty,Who is this scolding me behind……”
Qin Liang said to himself。
When Qin Liang came out of the toilet after smoking,But accidentally ran into Liu Yong who had just returned from the interview。
“Yeah,Lord Liu,You’re gone?”
Qin Liang greeted Liu Yong with a smile。
“Why are you here?I just came back from a meeting with the mayor,I was going to take a look at Yang Shiyun and others,In the past two days they have been busy with two more cases,I plan to find out about the case。”
Liu Yong slowed down,Chatted with Qin Liang。
“Oh,What you want to say,I really have something to tell you。”
Qin Liang said in a wise manner。
“Need to say separately?”
Liu Yong deserves to be an old detective,I immediately noticed Qin Liang’s intentions。
“Yep,Sorry,Take a step to talk。”
Because it’s secret,Qin Liang became extra careful。