If suspended3Okay to say,if5Field words,Then Kobe and Iverson consume too much,Not in line with their previous thoughts。
But it’s over,Can’t just be sorry,Have to think of a way。
Before being taken to the hospital by Kupchak for a checkup,In the locker room,Shen Huan first called Professor Deville。
Heard what Shen Huan said,Deville said he would find someone to give itNBAPressure,Won’t let them punish Shen Huan more。
Then Shen Huan went to Professor Robert from the University of Chicago,Same request。
But can’t hang up5minute,Deville called back。
“Gosh,Sink,Why would you play such a dangerous sport?If that person overthrew you from the air,Injured limbs,What to do if your head is hurt?This is a crime against all mankind!!Don’t take this risk anymore!”Deville’s worried way。
He saw the details of what happened on the tubing,A little frightened。
If you turn Shen Huan into an idiot,There will be one less mathematics wizard,This is purely a crime against science,Crime against humanity!
Not just Professor Cowell,Even Professor Robert said so。
Shen Huan can only thank them for their concern,And said he would be careful in the future,Try to avoid this happening,This comforted the two professors。
A basketball game,Even if there was an incident of force,I don’t care too many people。
In the United States,There are too many things like competitive sports,There is also a special player in ice hockey who is ready to fight。
NBAIt has been considered a sport of black buddies for many years,What is considered a non-flowing movement。
Which is under the leadership of Stern,Continuously improving rules and regulations,It has only gradually turned around these years,Becomes a bit of middle-class sports。
So actually this is what fans care about,Especially the fans in China care about。
《Basketball world》Teacher Su and Teacher Wang are knowledgeable。
Before the first quarter is over,I gave everyone an idea。