“Mr. Xu will sit at the head table to accompany the vice minister,We naturally have to sit here for company,Please change table,Thank you。”
The leading man with a wide forehead said coldly,A bit arrogant in his tone。
“Mr. Xu?You are from the Lee Group?”Tang Hao was surprised。
“Not bad。”Wide forehead man nodding,A sense of superiority。
“Forget it,President Mo,Let’s give them the seat。”Tang Hao whispered to Mo Xiaosheng,“They are right,Since their company is accompanying the deputy minister,Should sit here。”
Actually, the reason why he said that,For fear of offending the Lee Group,With the current strength of their company,Challenge the Lee Group,Nothing to rely on,So naturally you can bear it,After all, changing the table is not a big deal。
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said nothing,Very upset。
“President Mo,Please。”Tang Hao’s plea,“The overall situation is important。”
Mo Xiaosheng saw Tang Hao’s expression,Can’t help but sigh,Got up and gave up the seat。
If according to his temper, this table is absolutely unacceptable,But he also knows that shopping malls are like battlefields,Tang Hao is so cautious to avoid,There is a reason,Since I don’t understand business matters,Then I’ll listen to Tang Hao。
I guess I will come to participate in this kind of exchange meeting,No need to provoke Mo Xinxueyan。
But most of the tables are full at this time,There are only two empty tables near the gate,They had no choice but to walk back,Sit in the last row again。
Tang Hao is walking,I didn’t notice that a foot stretched out,He tripped,“Puff”Knelt to the ground。
“Whoops,Mr. Tang,Why are you giving me such a big gift?,I can’t afford it。”
A man in a white plaid suit leaned on a chair next to him,Cocked Erlang’s legs and looked at Tang Hao with a smile,Eyes full of teasing,“Do you Mo Xin Xueyan like to kneel at every turn??”
The people on their table burst into laughter,The laughter was full of sarcasm。