And Shen Xuan took the team a few steps.,I quickly saw the reason for Xiao Yu.。
Only see,Under a big tree in front,There are more than a dozen wild wolves to the ground,Seems to be rest。
“I go,Wolf group!”
Chen Feihu, a little scream,Some incredible。
after all,The last time they were chased by the wolf group,Still remember。
Especially the cattle,Just hoped to hit a big,Suddenly。
Psychological shadow!
He was budd in a wild wolf last time.,Baba in the county,At the medicine,This will only be good.,Now touch the wolves,Natural heart,Silently hiding behind,Fault。
He is really afraid.! “Lick……”
soon,The wolf group also found Shen Xuan et al.,One of them screamed a scorpion,The whole wolves are all standing,To Shen Xuan et al,Must be shocked at any time。
“Xuan Ge,Be careful,Do we want to return a little later?!”
Chen Feihu said Shen Sheng,He is a person who has a certain study on animals,very clear,These wolves stood up,Is going to start a command,If you don’t do something ready,Most of them,Rush。
“Correct,Correct,Hurry and get a weapon,Otherwise the wolf is coming.,We are all signs。”
Yang Shiqi also has a good suggestion!
“fine,do not worry!”
Shen Xuan slightly,The little yellow shouted next to it。
“Small yellow!”
Showing solely,Xiao Huang also looked at Shen Xuan,A while。
“Go back,That is your ethnic group。”
Shen Xuan encouraged。
The latter is hesitant,But still take the first step,I have walked over the wolves.。
This also?
Chen Feihu and Yang Shiqi are a bit silly,Opposite, dozens of wild wolves,Now Shen Xuan let a small guy go?
How to deal with?
Unspeakable,This little guy can still stop the charge of more than a dozen wolf!
Xiao Huang walks forward,Scream a scorpion,Take a dozen wolf suddenly moved,I am shocked by Chen Feihu and Yang Shiqi.,I didn’t pick my legs and ran behind them.。
But very fast,The wolves have been moved for a while.,Stop,Surround the little yellow,Even Shen Xuan and others can’t see the figure of Xiaohuang.。
“broken,Little Huang will not have an accident.?”
Lin Wei said something worried about。
“Yes,So many wolves,What should I do if I bite it??”
Xue Qing and Wu Xiu Xiu are also the same,Ambiguous。
They live in a piece with Shen Xuan,Usually, there is no less accompanying a large yellow and yellow,I have already used Xiao Huang as my own child.,What happened,They will be very worried。
“Trough,Xiao Huang can’t see it.。”
“Will it be eaten by the wolf group?,The wolves are very fierce。”
“Xuan Ge,Fast saving small yellow,Can’t let it do something!”