at this time,Two residuals come straight。
It is Junhong and Xuantong real person。
At this moment, the two are angled.,The clothes are messy。
Their expression is also extraordinarily,Full of endless killing and hate。
Junhong is roaring,A white-haired dance,The violence in the eyes and the 狰狞。
Rush,He climbs the momentum to the extreme,Continuous boxing,A boxing shot in half air。
at the same time,It’s a little scouring。
Xuantong real people in the hands of the sword,Under every time,The sword tip actually swayed a similarly refined pattern.,Looks like a beautiful holy。
But this is not beautiful,But the flowers of death,Want to swallow in summer。
Summer quiet。
Coldness。 Mutually,He connected to the snake knife。
A knife is faster than a knife。
A knife is more than a knife。
Nobody knows,How many knives he cut in this moment。
I only see a white light actually rushed,Into the field of view of everyone.。
The glory of the thorn makes people have to close their eyes.。
When opening your eyes,Feng Tianpeng couldn’t help but violently。
Only see,In the air, it seems to have a larva.,Extraordinary。
Look at it carefully,These clouds are turned out to have the shape of a knife and a sword.,But it is miniature。
These mini swords are different,As if it is going to break the time and space。
They fall from the sky,Form a shade of unbredable sword。
Even afraid of it very far,People also feel a trembling fear in my heart.。
This intensive sword,As if you want to break everything,Crush all power。
“Rumble”Air in distortion,Ground is shaking。
Sky-shaking!This area,Only the light of the sky is wrapped with dust and gravel.。
Far away,This location is a sunlight connected to the sky.,Underline。
It’s like a flame burning flame to fall here.。
After the dust is set,Everyone looked up,Suddenly pour a shot。
One cool, climbed to the scalp of the numbness。
The field is like a number of unclear guns plowed.,Pothole,Ground crack,A ruins。
There are two people who have stayed there.。