Jod also licked his lips,I hurried forward to remind my son-in-law。
“Do not worry,I have my own way!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled at them,Said indifferently,In fact, he had already thought of this,Maybe for ordinary people, this wild goose cottage is not looking for,But for some organizations in the state sector,It’s not difficult。
Seeing Mo Xiaosheng said that,Zhou Chen also nodded,But I still feel a little worried。
“Brother Zhou,This time,Don’t accept anything,Let’s put up the auction you bought before!”
Mo Xiaosheng patted him on the shoulder,Smile indifferently,Comfort him,“Put your heart in your stomach,One day sooner or later,Great Wall Auction House will come over crying and work with us!”
“hope so!”
Zhou Chen shook his head dumbly,My home is almost overwhelmed by others,Mo Xiaosheng is still here to praise Haikou。
First0659Chapter Three Sentences to Fight
Then Mo Xiaosheng accompanied the old man in the company to appreciate some calligraphy and painting,Wait for Jod to be satisfied,They just left the company。
Next two days,Mo Xiaosheng helped Yueren Wang and Yiner rent a house with two bedrooms and one living room near the hospital,Called Li Zhen and Mingcheng to buy some beddings together、hanger、Daily necessities such as washbasins,Followed by a general cleaning。
After a few people are busy,Mo Xiaosheng looked at the newly renovated house,Wiped the sweat from his forehead,Said with a smile:“Brother Yue,Take a look,how do you feel?Is there anything else you are not satisfied with?!”