She looked at the script and said to Xu Shuang happily:“Today we are the LordMCUp,Seize this opportunity。”
Xu Shuang frowned,He hadn’t heard of this process before,How did it temporarily change?
Lu Shanshan took the script and looked at it with interest,The opening remark is the focus of a variety show,The host will say a long line before leading the opening remarks。Nothing to say lines,It’s just that the topic given today is a bit strange。
“Girls are best not to wear shorts when participating in the show?What does this mean?”
Lu Shanshan immediately asked the director:“This sentence seems a bit strange,I want to change it a bit?”
The director stared back immediately:“When is this,Also change?No need to shoot today,You quickly memorize it。”
Lu Shanshan said:“We will definitely memorize it before the video。Just what skirt girls wear,What clothes to wear,What’s our business?We are just a showMC。”
Director is plausible:“Then you shouldMCof,Why wear fluorescent sportswear?Isn’t it OK to wear a suit like usual??”
Lu Shanshan shut up immediately,Don’t know how to answer。
The director said:“Guests come to the show,We all have to communicate with them。A female artist came to our show and was wearing shorts,What does this mean?Is coming to our show for an outing?Come to us for work,To challenge,To cater to the audience。Do you understand。”
The director’s explanation is perfect,Even if Lu Shanshan has more things to say,Can’t say it。
Xu Shuang thought,Now I can only watch the later stage,He will communicate later in the editing,I hope the effect will not be too bad。