“Blade Warrior” shot girlfriend in case of appeal hearing in South African court
According to foreign media reports, on the 13th local time, an appeal hearing against the shooting of a girlfriend with a disabled South African athlete and blade fighter Oscar Pistoris was held in the High Court of South Gauteng, South Africa.Earlier, the South African prosecutor filed an appeal, hoping to review the case of Pistoris’s shooting of his girlfriend on charges of murder.  In October last year, a South African court sentenced Pistoris to the murder of his girlfriend. Pistoris was sentenced to 5 years in prison for manslaughter, and in another case he was sentenced to 3 years of probation for the illegal use of firearms.  As the sentence of Pistoris was found to be too light, the South African National Prosecution Service formally appealed last year’s verdict against Pistoris’ conviction for manslaughter and five years’ imprisonment.The South African judge agreed to the prosecution’s appeal for manslaughter.  Pistoris’s defense lawyer said at the hearing on the 13th that the prosecution wanted to overturn Pistoris’ crime of manslaughter, and this appeal was not established.  On February 14, 2013, Pistoris shot his girlfriend at home.Pistoris stated in his testimony that he thought the burglar would only shoot when he entered the house.The case started trial in March last year and was closed after more than half a year of marathon trial.Last October, the court sentenced Pistoris to 5 years in prison for manslaughter.Pistoris is currently serving his sentence.