What he just wanted,I saw Wang Zhengyu speak quickly:“This transaction,Decline to bargain。”</p>
Su Luo was speechless for a while,After a long while:“Row,Three for three,Remember to blow it up for us。”</p>
With,He left here,He won’t have much anyway,Three yuan is three yuan,Right as a charity program group。</p>
then,The magical scene appeared,Many staff in the corner have put down their jobs,Put down the machine in hand,Under the director’s order,Puff your cheeks and start blowing balloons。</p>
Su Luo looked silly,The sister on the side came over,Watching the show:“Brother Luo,What are they doing?”</p>
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Cute new owner inside,Old driver,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
Welcome to the water group!</p>
First345chapter my dream(two)
Su Luo’s mouth twitched,Rubbed my sister’s hair,Tao:“They seem to be blowing balloons。”</p>
“Oh。”My sister nodded seemingly,But then he was quickly attracted by Brother Pi,Chased the past。</p>
Su Luo looked at all the staff blowing balloons with cheeks and shook his head,I thought the show crew would have professional tools for blowing balloons,I didn’t expect to use manpower。</p>