2020 International Champions Cup canceled, Barcelona Real Madrid lost 36 million euros
2017 International Champions Cup: Real Madrid lost 2-3 to Barcelona.Figure / Osports Beijing News (reporter Deng Hanyu) The number of confirmed cases of the new global coronary pneumonia epidemic has continued to rise, and the international football competition plan has therefore continued.This morning, the International Champions Cup issued an official announcement to cancel the 2020 International Champions Cup.The International Champions Cup is an important commercial warm-up match, usually conducted before the start of the summer season each year, divided into North America, Europe, China, Australia, Singapore and other regions.Since it was first held in 2013, the International Champions Cup has provided many European giants with a chance to warm up before the new season, and also allowed fans in Asia and North America to experience the top football feast at their doorstep.Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the organizer has announced that it will suspend competition in Asia this summer.However, due to the development of the epidemic, it is still unclear when the restrictions on social isolation and home isolation in many countries and regions will be lifted, and the schedule of various international events has not yet been decided. The organizer decided to suspend the 2020 International Champions Cup.”The event puts the health of players, employees and all related personnel first.At present, it is still unknown when to end home isolation, and how the schedule of the International Champions Cup is also unknown.In addition, the local leagues of the European countries and the Champions League may be held in August, which means that this summer the Antique International Champions Cup is no longer operable.”The announcement said,” We look forward to continuing to bring you the best club matchups in North America and Asia in 2021.”According to the original plan, Barcelona and Real Madrid will participate in the International Champions Cup this summer and a national derby in Las Vegas, USA.At the same time, this summer’s cancellation of this event, this national Derby friendly match will not be staged as scheduled.According to foreign media reports, due to the cancellation of the International Champions Cup, Barcelona and Real Madrid will lose 18 million euros in playing fees, the two teams total loss of 36 million euros.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Li Xin proofread Liu Jun