At this moment,The director will find a good one《Only mother is good in the world》Song music,Push up slowly,The childish voice rang softly……
The music is just right,Not only can Ding Yi relieve his emotions,Organization language,It also played a role in the effect of live broadcast。
Ding Yi continued:“I have seen too many children who have lost their motherly love in the orphanage,I have seen so many pitiful eyes that they long for their mother’s love,Some of them just born,I was abandoned by my parents for this and other reasons,Most of them have never seen or remembered their parents,They don’t remember sucking mother’s milk,They don’t know where their mother is,and so,They call the aunts in the orphanage mother,Call the aunts who came to the orphanage as mothers,They care about every woman who yearns for them as mother,It can be seen that,Their desire for mother,How strong it should be……”
“of course,Our current social security system is very sound,The children you cruelly abandoned,The government will not abandon them again,Good-wishers come to adopt these children every year,Just like the calls I made just now,I believe,Anyone in the audience who calls and asks to adopt this child,Can give this child a happy life,Just like our host said,Give her a brilliant childhood,But what I want to say is,No matter how real and generous the love of others,Can’t replace his biological parents。Maybe,The child does not know which of her biological parents,But ten or twenty years later,As the child’s biological parent,Can you really forget this kid?,Don’t you really miss this kid??You will really feel at ease for a lifetime?Maybe you will do what you want in the future,Give birth to a boy,But whenever you see this boy,Did you really forget the girl who was abandoned by you??I’m afraid you can’t do it。The innate bond between parents and children is inseparable,Children can grow up healthily and carefree in another environment,Maybe your conscience will never be at peace in your life……”
Speaking of which,Director Ding Yichong made a gesture,Immediately,The director sang this children’s voice《Only mother is good in the world》Songs released。
At this moment,The director told Ding Yi through the headset,The child is here,Can continue to broadcast。
Ding Yi turned on the front microphone switch,Said:“With a song《Only mother is good in the world》song,Our live broadcast room ushered in the smallest listener,Which is the baby who just left mother’s arms,Come,Now let me introduce this little angel to everyone。”
Wang Jun quickly gave way to Yue Sufen,Yue Sufen entered the live broadcast room with the baby,Ding Yi looked at the child,Said immediately:“Wow,Really cute、Beautiful little angel,Little red lips,White and tender little face,Black eyes,She is so strange to this world,I can see,Although the child did not cry at this time,But there are still tears on her face,Left mother’s arms,Obviously she is insecure about the world,Her little hands kept clinging together……”
Ding Yi can’t go on……
The director puts the music on。
She calmed down and said:“I just want to tell the child’s parents,She is a lonely and helpless baby today,Eighteen years later,Can you imagine her?Can you imagine what she will do in the future?……it is good,The driver next to me also has something to say to the child’s parents,Master please——”
Ding Yi took his finger out of the child’s hand,Don’t know,The child cried suddenly,That immature cry,Immediately infected everyone present,The driver is sitting in front of Mike No. 1,Said excitedly:“Hear the child’s cry,I’m very worried,I am also a girl’s father,Although our husband and wife are laid off,Life is not rich,But we did a great job,Because we have a daughter,Daughter is,We have a rush,Watching my daughter grow up day by day,All our hard work is worth it,I just want to say to the parents of this child,What’s wrong with girl?Girls can still give you the end!Girl is a little padded jacket for parents,Now my daughter after school,Finish homework,Can help her mother with housework every day,Take care of the small shop business。I am a taxi driver,I can’t tell the truth,But I remembered,The couple in my car,I saw you coming up with your baby,But ignored that you didn’t hug the child and get off,I don’t know how you put your kids in my car and watched me take your kids away,I am a poor driver,In order to make more money,I can’t bear to turn on the air conditioner,You don’t think about it,If I can’t find your children,Parked the car for dinner,Close doors and windows,This summer,Will your children still live in the world?if that’s the case,You are the murderers who killed your children,Such examples have not happened,Parent,Why are you so cruel,I look down on you!”
After the driver said these few words outrageously, Took off the headset,Walked out angrily。
Ding Yi continued:“Although the master’s words were a bit intense,But he expressed the simple feelings of a father,Let us remember this taxi master named Li Tao,thank him,Send such a little angel to us。”
Ding Yi watched Yue Sufen walking around with her baby outside the live broadcast room,Some are eager to see children,She said into the microphone:“I want to tell everyone good news,We have found a suitable family for our children,The staff of the civil affairs department has arrived at the scene,In order to fulfill and sustain your mother and daughter、Father-daughter love,We give you a time to get your kids back,In this time,We will take care of this child by the child’s future adoptive parents,All right,Now we leave time for the next show,I’m going to take a good look at this cute little angel……”
Ding Yi said,Even the microphone in front can’t be turned off,Just ran out,Took the child from Yue Sufen。