Attorney Sun Yang: “Violence against Inspection” Hearings Antiques Next Month 15th
Screenshot of Zhang Qihuai’s certified Weibo.Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) Sun Yang ‘s “violent resistance” hearing appointed by the Democratic Party has finally been confirmed. Sun Yang ‘s attorney Zhang Qihuai disclosed via social media today that the hearing will be held on November 15 in Switzerland.antique.He was also competent, and Sun Yang’s request for an open court hearing to the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal has been agreed. At that time, the media and the public will be allowed to enter the hearing to attend the hearing.Zhang Qihuai introduced the relevant situation on social media. “Sun Yang can provide a large number of facts to prove that he has no problems in terms of entities and procedures, so Sun Yang made a firm request to CAS to openly open the court.Sun Yang’s request was approved by CAS.In the history of CAS trial of athlete cases, public hearings have only happened once before Sun Yang.Sun Yang resolutely demanded a public hearing, expressing both determination and confidence.I hope that through this hearing, we can get rid of the dirty air and prepare for the Olympic Games.The hearing is scheduled for November 15, 2019 in Montreux (Montreux), Switzerland.”Sun Yang’s hearing was originally scheduled to be announced in September. On August 21, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal announced the change of the hearing.” For personal reasons, one party has requested an extension of the antique hearing, and the other parties agreed and accepted the request.”As Sun Yang’s attorney, Zhang Qihuai was copied at the time, and the application for replacement was not made by Sun Yang.