“Wow!That morning, I let my gummate to give me durian ice cream.,Joe’s milk is delicious.,Mom also likes to eat。”
“After Qiao Grandma is doing well,I sent it to my father.。”
Blindness:“……”This is a small white eye wolf she raised for a few years.。
But she had to admit,Lu Yuliu’s arrival,The impact on the children is really large。
When two children play together, they have a topic.。
She is slowly sitting on the sofa sitting on the sofa.。
Yanhua smiled:“I’m tired,Your young people talk about it.。”
子 看 一 眼,Unfortunately, my mother didn’t even got her.,Directly on the building。
Blindness:“……”I always feel that my mother is intentional.,But she has no evidence。
NS2252chapter Jumping with her1
“Father,You chat with mom,I am going to read English with my brother.。”
Yan Book looked at my brother。
The brothers and sisters got upstairs.。
Blindness:“”Is this abandoned??
Mom like this,The children are also like this?
偌 大 客房,There http://www.leimingmianzhichang.cn is only Lu Yuli and Zi Shu。
子 is very nervous,Compared to below,As a man’s land, the face is much thick.。
Have a help of his son daughter,I feel that everything will be smooth.。
子 想 想,What reason for finding Lu Zaran,She hasn’t thought of reasons,Lu Yuli is open。
“Swallow,I know you hate me.。”
Sound depression,More remorse。
The scorpion looks at him.,Tone:“I know that I hate you, you still come to me.,Not far away。”
Say,She also found the reason.。
She is afraid,I am afraid that I will be injured again.。
I am afraid that I can’t get it in the abyss.,That kind of taste is too painful。
Lu Yuran,Black scorpion looks deeply,He wants to say to her.:Swallow,Retribution,After you leave,I found yourself like you.。
See you meals that you don’t eat,See you stomach pain,He also can’t sleep all night.http://www.gupiao101.cn
She after leaving,He sat up every day,Dorming is difficult,He thought he was sick.,But Han Yuxuan told him,He is falling in love with a scorpion.。
But these words can’t be said now.。
子 now not enough security。
He is still waiting,Wait a good time,Is his best confession。
He is an actor,Can’t be too much,It’s too much to look like a play.,子 will not believe。
Be careful,So gesturing,Be careful,So become careful。
Lu Yuli looked at her laughing,Very embarrassing,Also very moving,In the eyes of the blush,His laughing,Also can hit her heart string。
“Swallow,I just came to the city,Can you take me tomorrow??”
Although I am also living in the city,But he prefer the scorpion to take him to turn.,Can increase the feelings between the two。
What know,子 却 冷冷 冷冷:“You Lu 2 Shao Caoyan,Also use me to take http://www.cyyzb.cn you to turn??
as far as I know,Your unknone has developed very well in the market.,In Hengtai District,It can be a horizontal walk。”