There was a brief silence in the room,Fan Wenliang broke the silence,He glanced at Peng Changyi and said:“Changyi,How is your guest?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Fanji, rest early, too,It’s late。”
Wang Jiadong says:“See what you say,You look,Standing in front of you,Who is an outsider?”
Jiang Fan said:“I’m going to see if Madoka has arranged a room for you?”
Wang Yuan said:“arranged。”
Peng Changyi is about to leave,Wang Yuan stopped him:“Peng Shuer,Sit down for a while?”
“Not urgent。”
Wang Yuan makes water for Peng Changyi,Peng Changyi said:“Don’t make it,I’m afraid I can’t sleep anymore。”Wang Yuan said:“Peng Shuer,Where did you go to the Provincial Department of Agriculture for the last run??”
Wang Yuan said:“Peng Shuer,Then Jia Dongfang is a bull liar,Why are you still trying to get him project funding??”
“Then you just don’t let him get the funds,Drag him,YTO guarantees the original shape。”
“Ha ha,I am interested in any enterprise on the ground in Kangzhou。”
“Peng Shuer,I don’t have any contact with him,There will be no before,I feel that our government just hired a bully liar,If you don’t believe it, let’s just wait and see。”
A sneer appeared at the corner of Wang Yuan’s mouth,Said:“Peng Shuer,Don’t ask,If the province allocates funds,How can I hold him back,Or postpone it to him?”
“Oh,understand。”Wang Yuan nodded and said。
Wang Yuan said:“Don’t be nervous,I don’t do anything。”
Wang Yuan smiled,Said:“Peng Shuer,What’s wrong with you?I am very law-abiding?No tax evasion,Of course, I will also dig my brains and even ask professionals to help me avoid taxes,Reasonable tax avoidance,But this is not illegal。Not only me,It is said that,Small annual salary in Beijing International Trade Building20Ten thousand yuan white collar,A professional manager worth ten thousand dollars,Not to mention those world-class rich people,All thinking about one thing,That’s tax avoidance。So Uncle Peng,rest assured,As long as I don’t evade tax,As long as they don’t sell drugs and sell arms and gold,Just fine,You and Dad can rest assured。”
That’s it for Peng Changyi,Wang Yuan’s face became a little deep,He said:“Peng Shuer,Let’s not talk about him?I just told you about funds,You listened to my assurance,You don’t listen to me,But the money will be lost,Ordinarily, this is also selfless dedication,Because I’m avoiding risks for the government。”