After knowing, you have a cheap leather bag.,There are still more than a dozen Hong Kong coins。
She remembers paying a meal last night.,Current valid items at all,This is a sad story for her.。
Look at the moment。
Get up to the window,I found that I don’t know where it is.,Carefully check yourself,Finally put your heart back into your stomach,Afraid of it。
More than half a day before and after。
Chen Linzhi downstairs to eat breakfast,The accidental discovery Li Xin is also。
She took a shower,No makeup,Body or last night,Crumpled。
Because of Su Yan,I am young for three or four years old.,That is finally compliant with the real age,Skinny beauty,Long eyelash,Sitting alone and eating a cloud,God。
Sentences with Gao Bo,Chen Linzhi came to her in front of her.,See her horror,Instant low。
Chen Linzhi’s live thought,How can I guess?,Laugh:“I would like to thank me.,If you don’t bring money, it is more urgent.,There is still a chance to see again in case.,Give me again later,It doesn’t matter if you see it.。Self-introduction,My surname,Linzhi,Can’t do business in the pier,There is a batch of goods to be stare.。” Li Xin is young,I was really afraid of Chen Linzhi urged her money.,I’m losing the first,This plan is full of belly.。
This situation is,Let her have to say something,Laugh,Tell:“thanks,I was drunk last night.,I didn’t expect the beer so powerful.,Next time no。”
“You can rest assured this,I have said that I said it is useless.。”Chen Linzhi is a few years older than her,Talk, of course, will。
Hotel free breakfast is very good,A plate of beef fried river powder,Egg plus two fried eggs,Ate,Contaminated:“Eat last night,It happens to hear you talk to friends.,Still students?It’s not easy to work so little.,Monday today,Don’t go to school。”
Chen Linzhi reminded,Li Xin feltly remember today to go to school,Yesterday, the school organized activities, she has already invited fake.,There will be trouble again and again.。
I don’t eat rice.,Panic out to run out。
Not long after another,Thoroughly panic,Li Xin bites the lips:“Where is this?,Can you borrow me for a taxi?,Mr. Chen, you leave an address to me.,I am guaranteed to give you。”
“Hotel should have a car,I will send you。”
Chen Linzhi wiped mouth,I suddenly flashed a meaningful idea in my mind.,Pleasant road:“Help people help,But you have to give me a promise.,In case, you will go out.,Remember to promise me a request,Don’t ask why now,Just when I am a mission of the mission of the peer.。”
“Row!I am going to school is late.,Ask you to help me find a car。”
NS70chapter Adult goods
It’s not concerned about it.,I didn’t care about it.。
Chen Linzhi found a waiter to help arrange a car,Send Li Xin to the school。
Just returned to the table next to the table,Gao Bo learned,I only listen to the middle-aged people.,Slows and hold boxes to Chen Linzhi:“This little brother is originally a peer?In the guard,Siki,Dismissal,I do not know you”
I haven’t listened to all,Only said that Chen Linzhi said“fortune teller”NS。
Chen Linzhi turned,It is found that the opening is a short middle-aged person.,Chin leaves a beard,Dressed in black。
He laughed:“We are not peers,Look at the little girl is interesting,Open a joke.。”
“Is it,I am watching the young man, you look like it.,But eyebrow,Wolf,Wooden water,This shows the peach blossom,I have a lot of care for the past.。”Mr. Xiaoxiao continues to say。
Chen Linzhi smiled。
Did out until Hao Bo,Gao Bao is curious asking:“Just now the short melon,You will have a disaster, you will have a bad thing.,But this peach blossoms,Listening, let me envy very。”
“Ha ha,Maybe put me as a peer,I thought I will grab him a meal.。Let’s say what peach blossoms,Reddish,Nothing is to see the girls are too small,Here is also the hotel,I want to be.。”