Open your eyes again,Michael Jordan’s eyes are like stars。
The Lakers players appeared in a boo。
They are used to the hustle and bustle of away games,Even the blood red atmosphere of the bull,There is no waves in their hearts。
They are no longer the rookies at the beginning of the season。
Growing up from fighting in blood,Develop an aura from victory。
The current Lakers up and down players,Especially rookies,Their temperament is completely different。
Champion temperament is too early to say,But they already have the confidence of the strong。
Now any Lakers rookie pulls out,Will be snatched by other teams,Even if there is no way to build a team,They can definitely be alone。
Kobe and Jordan looked at each other again。
The two people’s fighting spirit is equally high。
“Lost to you in the first game,Just an accident。”
“This game,Will show you the wrath of the gods。”
Jordan’s eyes are aggressive。
And Kobe’s eyes are as calm as the sea,Has no other meaning。
There is only one feeling for Jordan!