In fact, Zhou Yewu started from big data analysis,I also think that Li Hao Yun is such a40More new peopleGLess degree of pneumonia,Not so exaggerated,The result is really mainly the symptoms of respiratory difficulties caused by tsutsugamins.。
Now the cause of abdominal pain can also have a reason.,When it is no wonder the abdominal pain, it is basically a moment.,No persistent abdominal pain。
the next day,The gene sequence of the listed company is also successfully conveyed.。
“have to say,Things spend 10,000 yuan, not just the efficiency,Accuracy is also high,Really tsutsugami。”Sun Jun looked at the genetic measurement results on the computer.。
After all, it is still the society of capitalists.。
“Gene sequence of tsutsugamiopathic172strip,Diagnosis of tsutsugamushi is stable,Efficacy of antibiotics,It seems that this wave of our department is finally solved.,After the night, you can have a lot of comfortable.。”Zhou Ye pointed to the report of the report,Smile。
Almost four people are first instant, rushing into the ward, telling Li Heyun.。
If you can’t find four doctors in the department,Four people want to stay in the room in Li Heyun directly to check the room.。
Finish,Chen Riyuan looked at busy nurse,Shake your head:“During this time, Li Heyun’s thing,Really, it’s a little chicken in the department.,There is a vital signs in three different five.,There is still that high temperature,Be scared to death,Now he successfully found the cause,It is worth all of you.……The old black said to give you something……”
“give something?This is a violation of discipline.。”The nurse suddenly frowned。
In fact, it is more terrible.,After Li Blackun, he fell.,Shu Chang is ready to give four doctors.。
Fortunately, Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun and Hu Yu are both old rivers and lakes.,I don’t rest assured that I don’t worry about money.,It is also directly rejected.。
Finally, the old black or decided to send the Branches thanked Branch after discharge.。
End of a happy laughter。
Chen Riyuan with Sun Jun、Hu Yong and Zhou Ye,I came to the ward of Li Heyun.。
However, this time, Li Hao Yun’s original face has become a bit bleak.。
A few days of things,He has indeed become a bit awkward.。
It was originally dry and rough, and it’s just like a bark.,There is a feeling that I have to crack.。
“Is this diagnosis stable??I am so afraid that the diagnosis is wrong.。”Li Black Cloud is still tangled or diagnosed。
This time, Zhouwu finally became an idea.。
He strounds chest pain,Extremely firm:“rest assured,This time is true ten nine stable.,You look at this body temperature is not too falling.。”
When talking about body temperature,Li He Yun’s face revealed the color of joy。
“Don’t say,Your gathelicin is hung by chloramphenicol,My whole person is really……Shuangfei!”
Li Heyun pointed to the antibiotics,I feel like looking for savings.,The eyes are full of Mingguang。
Zhou Ye We In order to cancel all doubts about Li He Yun,Continue:“Now the antibiotic replacement is improved,Then the inspection company also found the sequence of tsutsugami pathogenics.,Diagnosis of tsutsugamushi is a staples on the plate,Old black, you only live with confidence,What newGPneumonia and tsutsugamiosis,We all help you solve it.。”
Zhou Niwu is more confident, the more confident。
The diagnosis of this gene sequence is really inspiring.。
According to the current stage of development,He can confirm,A more time,This tracheal cannula and ventilator can be removed directly.。
“My abdominal pain is also because of this bug??”Li He Yun’s face is very good looking。
That kind of essence and the previous two days of illness are simply a distinct contrast。