Guard the earth,Guarding Azeroth,Guard the world。
When everyone is distorted by crazy will,Then the awake guy is the craziest one。
Nesario has tried,Hope to save the world with the dragon soul。
But his brothers and sisters could not understand his intentions。
after a long time,Nesario just understood,It’s not the other four dragon kings who are wrong,But myself。
Malygos is responsible for maintaining the Arcane Magic Web。
Ysera guards the Emerald Dream。
Nozdormu watched the flow of time。
The Order of the Life of Alexstrasza Watcher。
They just perform their duties。
Guard the earth,Can only rely on oneself。
Elune is the star soul of Azeroth,But Elune can’t represent Azeroth。
When Mother Earth started to fool her children,Nesario finally made up his mind,It’s time to end it all。
In tens of thousands of years of suffering,Elune kept fighting,Never give up self-help。