Especially at night,It is completely the world of these two forces。
And now,These two trend is the forces of death,Actually, together。
“God,That bald head,He,He……He will notcCrocodile Wilson,And that woman,That red-haired woman,she,Is itsksRed snake?”
When two super sports cars stopped in front,I walked next to a big man,And a red-haired woman,The back of people will boil。
Their look,Like a leader of two super forces。
Motorcycle in front,And all the vehicles followed back have all stopped,Then I walked next to an extremely embarrassing figure。
They differ from the previous black gunmen。
All wearing a camouflage military uniform,Tightening,And big fire rifle,It’s like a military personality condensed。
Look at a blazing lantern,Two people who came to the black hole。
The bald big man and the red-haired woman look at it.,No enemyity。
Reverse,Nodped each other。
“Are they??” “Be!”
“Then kill it.。”
Short four sentences,It seems that the fate of more than 20 people have already decided。
With the cold roar,All members of the two forces,All triggers。
“Da da da……”This time is not a pistol,But micro,Beak47,A fire tongue continues to swallow,Bulk shells Dangdang fell。
This time,In addition to summer,Twenty-four people are all moved。
Facing the fire of these big power firearms,They or vertical or jumped,Or flashing,Continuous removal,Wave the short knife at the same time。
No one can describe the scene of this electric flash。
Then they saw that they were involved in the crowd.。
Blood splash。
Behind everyone’s brain,It’s all blank。
Those killers who have traveled together with summer others,Mercenary,悍匪 seems to be a bit。
One face is pale,Pupil。
this moment,The world in front of them,It is like a broken mirror that is broken by a black hammer.。
A slice of large and small fragments,One of the flagrant lights,These debris slapping out on the ground。
People convey against the beads,It’s hard to believe in front of you。
Even if you see it with your own eyes。
massacre!In addition to these two words,No better adjective,To describe everything in front of you。
It seems that everyone only saw a distant shadow,I saw a diamond,I heard a voice。