I’m in a great mood like Pippi Shrimp,I reopened the video material that was recorded yesterday,I worked hard to make the second round of video again。
She can make 10 or 20 in this video。
After these two days,,Shen Huan will have another game tomorrow night,I can go to shoot again then!
Bored students take the game as a pastime,Treat competitions as games online,But some people can’t take it seriously。
They just fight tonight32Advance16Chunlei High School。
Chunlei High School is a typical sports school,They are12Sports,Have8All items are among the top ten in Zhejiang Province,Among them, tennis ranks first in Zhejiang and Vietnam。
One of the women’s doubles runner-ups at the Australian Open last year,I went out of Chunlei High School。
Basketball is not the most advantageous project of Chunlei High School,But they never fell out of the quarterfinals,The top four are also regulars,From time to time to reach the final。
Draw according to the division,This time their form would have been good。
In their upper half,If everything goes well,In the end, only Xuejun Middle School is as strong as theirs。
As long as you pass the hurdle of Xuejun Middle School,They can face the winner between the second middle school and the senior middle school。
The whole Lin’an city,Xuejun Middle School ranked third,Chunlei High School ranked fourth,With little difference in strength,This year they added a talented point guard in the freshman year,Passing the ball is called a beautiful and delicate。
From last year9Month start,Chunlei High School basketball team took him to train with,Use various methods to help him progress,Now his aura is better,Physical fitness has also greatly improved。
With this secret weapon,They are confident to overthrow Xuejun Middle School by surprise,Finally reached the final。