Xiangyanghong as the fourth-class family in Ganghwa City,I want to investigate Lin Shao, the heir of the Lin family,Naturally it can’t be investigated。
Precisely because of this,Xiang Yanghong can only use this method at this moment,Let your grandson and Lin’s heirs meet。
One side,Xiang Fei was electrocuted to the point that he didn’t even know him,Hear the conversation between the patriarch and the young patriarch,A bold idea came to mind。
I have been ordered by Xiang Yanghong,Order that。
If you can also know the heir of the Lin family,After that,Don’t you need to be angry with this guy anymore?
Think of this one,Secretly remember the address of the Black Dragon Hotel in my mind。
“Row,I’ll call my sister back in a while。”
Xiang Tian doesn’t know the side of Xiang Fei,Is breaking away from the family’s attention。
Heard what grandpa said,Nod,Also left the hall。
Seeing Xiangtian left,Xiang Yanghong looks to one side, Xiang Fei,Tao:“I’ll arrange some thugs for you later,Try to get this Lin Yu out tonight。”
I heard the chief arranging thugs for himself,Xiang Fei respectfully。
“Ok,You go down first。”