“hateful,I am fighting with you.。”
After all, in this case,He Liang If you don’t fight?。
So waiting for his results only one,That is directly solved。
But there are these places,http://www.aukma.cn At this moment,He is more revealing in the eyes of He Liang。
but,If the cloud is directly here.。
at this time,The attitude of cloud is very resolute.。
“Humph,Look,You are very confident for your strength.。”
“But since now,So,I just got you.!”
When the cloud is talking about this,The more like this,At this time,It’s more confidence。
And with the clouds come here,This,Such as in front of the cloud,He Liang originally wants to say something。
but,I haven’t waited for him to open,Just directly two eyes,Fall down。
See this scene,Other bonfire chambers,It’s a hop.。
But like a cloud?,But there is no meaning of your hand.。
“Put them,All solved all。”
Such as the side of the cloud,Warrior of other war temple,It’s a strong。
Such a thing,They are naturally clear。
“Hey-hey,Solve them,Naturally, it is not there.。”
“Is this still used?,In fact, they,It is nothing wrong with it.。”
“all in all,Everyone shot together,That’s right。”
The more now,In fact, for these things。
Their heart,It is better than anyone else.。
The more you now,Set it here,Such as in front of the cloud,These people have fallen。
Now,There is no power for a battle.。
And after the cloud solves these people,I should go directly.。
but now,Such as cloud,But suddenly laughed。
“Since the pentant chamber of Commerce is so weak,Let’s everyone,Don’t miss this kind of opportunity.。”
“I’m planning to,Next, continue to penetrate,Take them to a http://www.treterc.cnnetwork。”
I will become stronger.
Chapter 1,276 Never let go
At this moment,Beefire Chamber of Commerce。
Qin Feng bite his teeth,The face is more written, I can’t believe it.。
“This,how so?”
When Qin Feng said here,His side,After the man saw this scene,It’s even more。
“Yes, the president,We have never thought of,He actually does this。”
“But now,Such things have happened,Let’s follow,How to do it??”
After all, now,The berfire chamber will cover so many people.。
So even Qin Feng,At this moment,It is also completely unpredictable。
And Qinfeng’s side,When the man saw this scene。
Still don’t forget,Asked Qin Feng。