Bamboo。 at this time,Two residuals come straight。 It is Junhong and Xuantong real person。 At this moment, the two are angled.,The clothes are messy。 Their expression is also extraordinarily,Full of endless killing and hate。 “Ah——Haze!” Junhong is roaring,A white-haired dance,The violence in the eyes and the 狰狞。 Rush,He climbs the momentum to the extreme,Continuous boxing,A Continue Reading

Li Kuian took out the magnifying glass,Put on gloves and observe carefully for a while。 Nodded:“Really an old thing,It should be a private seal in the late Qing Dynasty,Zhang Ti is Tian Huangshi,But the texture is average,The condition is not complete。” “What you want,Fifteen thousand。” Man stretches out two fingers:“Twenty thousand!Less improper。” Li Kuian Continue Reading

“very good,But now,Even if you really do so much,You think,What is the use??” As Shen Xuan sees here,The more like this,Shen Xuan itself,It is very light。 In front of Shen Xuan,Surroundings,The more you look, the more I feel very interesting.。 Even for them,You should try to see,This is the key points and key。 To Shen Continue Reading

And Shen Xuan took the team a few steps.,I quickly saw the reason for Xiao Yu.。 Only see,Under a big tree in front,There are more than a dozen wild wolves to the ground,Seems to be rest。 “I go,Wolf group!” Chen Feihu, a little scream,Some incredible。 after all,The last time they were chased by the wolf Continue Reading

Here,Song Fang is dressed,Jumped off the bed,Stood in front of Chen Erniu,She shouted sharply:“enough!I steal a man at home,Didn’t you steal women outside?” Wang Lijun’s raised hand,When I heard Song Fang’s sentence,Can’t help but stop in the air,He gritted his teeth and said:“You nonsense,What evidence do you have for me” “evidence!Don’t forget,Your current factory,Most of Continue Reading

Zhu often remembers very clear,Emptome, not only drinking today,I still eat dog meat.。 Day night,Vegetable city stack of flasks,Xiao Yu is tied to the wooden pile,Emptitic mix into the crowd,Prepare the opportunity to save the little jade。 “Strange,Where is Jie Ge?,Said to help,What is wrong?……It is difficult to still die?” far away,Jiuxi wicked Yuan Bazhen Continue Reading

Mandrore looked at Lin Feng,His scorpion flashes a strange luster,No one knows what this is thinking,Silton and others also look at Lin Feng。 “Can,Just what you gambled with me?”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the tutorial:“in my eyes,This is more precious than one.,But a godman is enough to gamble with me.。” “Deceive!”The tall master smiled Continue Reading

She didn’t have a hand,Even no turning,I didn’t look at it.,Still walking with Liu Qingqing。 Bamboo。 Residual shadow。 It is a first time after summer.。 In this moment,噼噼啪 脆 如 如 如 如 一 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 如 不。 But this is fast,Faster。 Nobody knows,Between this moment,How many times have both Continue Reading

Bruce’s voice is very different,“later,Summer nine outwards,I secretly investigate,And I know this,I thought it was,Maybe you can use this matter?,However, after in-depth investigation, it finds,I have already done it.。” Martin’s face is cloudy,Horan Road,“Ling Tianxia?” “right,it’s him,He should push hands in secret,Let Xiajia first stand out for Xia Jiuwei,This gradually formed a storm around Continue Reading

He looked at the pool animal: “Pool animal husbandry,You look backX.Lgroup。” Pool Pasto,Some surprised:“Small seven,You suspect it isX.Lgroup?” Ling Yuchen is also shocked:“This group seems to have found you when you return to China.?” Lu Weijun:“They not only found me,New mobile phone on the market,At that time they were necessary,I didn’t give,Such a good product,Naturally, Continue Reading