The ability to flow a branky bone is“Five ghost game”,Derivatives from five children,That is to say that the flowers and bones have five capabilities.。 The first“Glower”Guess color game,Has been in the night。 Now Jingle Chunshui doesn’t plan to play a single game.,Because of the ability of night,Soon, it will be protected.。 Now he wants to Continue Reading

Get up and go to the task list,Most of the above are some things to go to waste forests or other areas to collect medicinal materials or explore relics。 “Ok。。This is to explore common ruins‘Ghost Cry Forest’,Seems pretty good,The mission objective is to crystal plant medicinal materials‘Cang Lihua’,The reward for completing the mission is Continue Reading

Honest,Five shadows just cooperated is quite good.,And their configuration is also quite good.。 Lei Ying is responsible for attack,Outlet has milk,Mato remote output,I Ai Luo is responsible for controlling,Dashewa is responsibleBUFF,This configuration pushes them someBOSSNot a problem,But Nai You Zhibo spheres are too much like their level.。 “As you make me so happy, Xie Li,I Continue Reading

“White clothes?Isn’t that a captain??” Night is not hesitant,Direct Princess Put Ji Ji,Take the fastest transient,Rowed to the direction of Shi Tian Yulong。 His task is to defeat the three captains,Just a more wood sword alone,This will still be two?。 Waiting for the night with weaving,When I arrived in the area where Ishidian rain dragon,It Continue Reading

He raised his legs on the tree。 This is a big tree with two people.,It is often green as,Pusy。 But this foot is going on summer,The branches on the tree are very trembled,Then, the leaves and pine needles were drumped。 Rude。 In the eyes of Qiu Niu’s shocking。 I saw the summer raised my arms.,It’s Continue Reading

“I found some strange impurities by the river,It’s probably the dander from a fairy ghost,Estimated to be one to two thousand years、Three thousand years,But I’m not sure if there are other fairy ghosts,In case I made some mistakes in my judgment,I lost my life is small,Letting a fairy escape is a big influence。”Pu Shiming said。 Continue Reading

at this time,Several people outside the door stood outside the huge gate fence outside the newborn,What surprised them was that the grenade was still off,But that Lei unbiasedly blasted a hole in the lower right of the birth point,Triggered the hidden mechanism on the arena map。 I saw countless crocodiles coming out of the Continue Reading

The momentum of Wang Wan also climbed to the extreme,Outbreak of a strong explosive force,No flower,It turned out to have a little bit of summer.。 A loud noise。 The heaven is like a huge waves.,The giant shadow behind the king is already in combination with him.,The pound power broke out。 Airson,Energy Yu Biyi,Form a Continue Reading

“it is good!” …… Ruan Tian was originally a celebrity in Hanoi,Wu Yuanjia found Ruan Tian’s address within half an hour after returning to Hanoi and gave it to Chen Xiu。 “Mr. Chen,If you want to help。I know a bunch of great mercenaries,I can help you catch Ruan Tian tonight。”Wu Yuanjia naturally guessed the Continue Reading

“Haha,This guy is really courageous,Can even do such a thing。” “Yes,That’s right,Dare to compete with our car god。” “but it does not matter,five million,Just treat it as paying the tuition here。” Now,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。 in fact,Look in them,This victory,Actually belongs to Huang Fei。 Next,If you compare,In fact, it’s already Continue Reading