J Ronaldo transfer on May 21 Manchester United wear No. 10 transfer fee 80 million euros to start
The future of J Luo has gradually become clearer.According to reports by Colombian Radio Colombia, after the end of La Liga this season, Manchester United and Real Madrid will immediately announce the official Robert transfer.This day will be May 21st.  The battle against Sevilla yesterday was the last game of Real Madrid at home this season.When replaced, J Luo applauded the Bernabeu fans, which was interpreted by the media as saying he was saying goodbye to the fans.The Air Force media has pointed out that J Ronald has negotiated a personal appointment with Manchester United. He will get the No. 10 jersey after Rooney left the team.  Although Real Madrid hopes to announce Ronaldo’s departure after the Champions League final, according to Caracol, Ronaldo’s transfer will be officially announced after the end of the league this weekend.However, at present there is no specific statement of J Ronaldo’s transfer fee. Western media reported that Real Madrid will not put people at a price below 80 million euros, and British media said that Manchester United hopes to use De Gea to add money to J Ro and Bell.  Medina, the chairman of the Colombian Olympic Committee, supported J Ronaldo to end his dream of being a child emperor: This scene is over, and this is the best result.We don’t want a controversial J Ronaldo, he wants to go to a team that can play the main role.  Gustavo Bolívar, a well-known Colombian sports journalist, also tweeted: This makes us understand the truth: if you are not happy in heaven, it is best to leave.J Ronald dreamed of playing for Real Madrid from an early age, but now he wants to say goodbye to his childhood heaven.