Jackpot for this game,Zhao’s family and You’s family have come to their place long ago,The other ones are still the same as usual,Sit and watch。
“Dear viewers,I believe everyone has been waiting for a long time,Then I don’t say much,The first match between Zhao Jia and You Jia will start now。”
Heard the host,The auditorium burst into thunderous cheers again,Many people bet on this battle,They cheer for the family they believe in。
“what,The Zhao family is going to make a move?”
“Wow,Really,Look,Xia Chenglong will be the first to be on stage。”
Yes,The man slowly coming from the auditorium,Xia Chenglong。
Nothing else,He just wants these guys to understand,Didn’t want to do it before,the reason is simple,Pure disdain,Now I want to tell them,If he wants to do it,Crush these people to death like ants。
You Jia is not the one you knew before,It should be because you don’t want Youjia’s perfect five-person team to be distracted in the previous battle.。
“The Wangs are really thick-skinned,But I am curious,How many warriors in the holy realm have you come to kill me?”
“Humph,Don’t give me a quick talk here,I won’t talk until I win?”
Too simple,Xia Chenglong smiled evilly,Zanglong appeared in his hands instantly,Head down,The other hand strokes the blade,Feel the response。
Not to mention his own strength,I want to kill a martial artist who enters the Holy Realm,With Zanglong you can。
But he won’t do it,Because there are some things you can only do,It makes people feel happy。