“Pity,The strength is a little bit worse!”
O’Neill has some regrets。
Till today,The contradiction between him and chatter has been faded by such a long time,Actually, it’s not a big deal.,Otherwise, he wouldn’t say that he would personally be there to bless the nagging on the day he retired.。
to be honest,The contradiction between him and chatter can only be regarded as a disagreement between ideas and a dispute over status。
I’m going to retire now,What are you arguing about?
Nothing to dispute,O’Neill sometimes feels like he was naive before,Kobe,Just a donkey temper。
Have to argue with me what the boss is doing?
what sense?
You said that if we didn’t fall out,How many championships can you win?
I helped that big cheek gang win the championship in the east,Can’t I help you with the Lakers?
O’Neill has a slight regret。
He actually didn’t want to leave at the time.
On the court。
Xu Xuan is nothing,McGee and Tucker really fight。
I saw these two people,At the moment the ball bounced,His complexion was flushed and he stuck Jordan with brute force·Hill and Randall,Set aside a distance for Xu Xuan!
Xu Xuan also lived up to expectations,Eye-sickness quickly hit the inside,Just grabbed this rebound!