“it is good!”
Ruan Tian was originally a celebrity in Hanoi,Wu Yuanjia found Ruan Tian’s address within half an hour after returning to Hanoi and gave it to Chen Xiu。
“Mr. Chen,If you want to help。I know a bunch of great mercenaries,I can help you catch Ruan Tian tonight。”Wu Yuanjia naturally http://www.lyrczp.cn guessed the purpose of Chen Xiu’s address。
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“no need,I can go alone tonight。You stay in the hotel and I will protect Miss Ou!”
Ou Sheng on the side said:“He can be hit by a helicopter,What are you worried about。Let Mr. Chen act alone tonight!”
Today Wu Yuanjia concentrated on driving around the tree to escape,I didn’t see Chen Xiu’s light work,But remembering that Chen Xiu had http://www.planetflower.cn hijacked a helicopter flying in the sky,I’m afraid that Chen Xiu is just like his behind-the-scenes boss.。
if so,To deal with Ruan Tian, you can’t hire a mercenary yourself。
“it is good,I will stay in the hotel tonight to protect Miss Ou。Mr. Chen,If you need any weapons,Just give me more。Except for the nuclear bomb,I can get it the fastest。”
Chen Xiu said with a chuckle:“No weapons,Just prepare a mask after finishing。”