Zhu often remembers very clear,Emptome, not only drinking today,I still eat dog meat.。
Day night,Vegetable city stack of flasks,Xiao Yu is tied to the wooden pile,Emptitic mix into the crowd,Prepare the opportunity to save the little jade。
“Strange,Where is Jie Ge?,Said to help,What is wrong?……It is difficult to still die?”
far away,Jiuxi wicked Yuan Bazhen hiding,Give a slightly eye-catching,Killing hood in the eyes。
A little more,A shadow standing behind the wall,Red light flash,Silently watching Yuan Baotian’s back,Moonlight,Reflection silver teeth。
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
Chapter 372 I will not be wrong.
“Ji Ni has arrived!”
Vegetable market,The mouse must be jumped in front of the French,Hold the fire to ignite the grill。
Small jade is binding column,Put http://www.shuandi.cn on a piece of rag,Watching,Tears in the eyes。
Form a stark contrast,Is surrounded by the crowd,I don’t know who is the headband,One group is indignant,Hold a boxing, let her burn。
“Letter God is not as good as,One by one,It’s really a group”
Emptomerate,Strip of heart,Going out of the crowd blocking in front of the mouse:“This road,You are sure to burn this pheasant,There is no plague in the future.?”
“of course,I am very much with Yu Emperor.。”
“What else is there??”
Emptit-like,In the face of the crowd,Loudly:“Long,I did not mean,Not let you,Mainly, everyone makes a thousand two silver sons.,This is a clear。”
Onlookers listen,Suddenly calm down,really,One thousand two is not a small number,I have to ask a clear。
Everyone is coming,Rat Taoist Pressure Mountain,Swallow:“Stinky,Are you going to take a table?,Or,The top of the wild chicken and you have an leg?”
“Long,Don’t transfer topics,I will ask a sentence,In case burn pheasant,Plague is still not scattered,One thousand two silver refund?”Emptiticism,Onlookers,Who has one leg than a wild chicken,Everyone cares more about money。
“Definitely,I have already discussed with Yu Emperor.。”
“That line,Taoism is so confident,I don’t say anything.。”
Emido 嘿 嘿 嘿 癫,Turning to look at the crowd:“Everyone pays attention,Tell me tonight,Don’t let the road slippery,After all, it is a thousand two,Life is not easy to lose。”
Everyone nodded,A pair of double-staring like a look, the mouse must be sweaty,Dark road, this time。
“Long,I have heard that it is just a word that is cheating.,Turn out,Take another one。Nor,Top more than two three times,Can’t die。”
I hesitate to see the mouse,Ji Ji,Puzi mouth mouth,Small channel:“But if you let the fire, you will die.,Not only is it to be 揍,It will also be arrested by the government.,That is really dead.。”
“Ah this year”
Rasmade Taoist hand shake,Tire dropped on the ground,Empty eye-catching eye,Half-eye,I started to jump.。
Just when everyone thinks that the mouse must be exhausted,He is drinking,A serious way:“Dear father,Jade Emperor just inform me,He has seen our sincerity,The plague is not enough to disappear,So don’t use a matter,The people who sacrifice God no longer need,I have hundreds of more than two years.,Everyone takes back the fraction.。”
I have no refund if I listen to the plague.,Mainly refund,Onlookers, the people are still not sleepy.,Select several representatives to wandering the mouse,Xing Gao is like the same year,No one cares about the small jade tied to the barbecue。
“Be too real,Living, you can’t afford to be gods.。”Emptome,Square to go to the grill。
at this time,A rocket shot from the dark,Go straight,He blame,A flying down,Look up again,Rockets have ignited the oil on the barbecue frame,The flaming is sudden and fierce。
“I rely on,I know that I will。”