“Oh?Paper cranes??I always hear people say this thing can be blessed,Mu Luo, do you care about anything??”
Shi Mu Luo originally folded the paper cranes in his hands,Intend to throw it on the ground,Put together with others,But haven’t done it yet,Was picked up by Qi Xianwei。
“Too much happened recently,Always inexplicable people against you,Against Qi family,It’s a pity that my strength is too weak,Nothing can do for you,I have to use this superstitious way to beg that everything you want will go well。”
She smiles like a flower,Qi Xianwei loves to hear what he said。
“How can it be called superstition??This kind of thing is sincere,http://www.dingchengsm.cnI also thank you for your efforts for the future prosperity of my family。”Qi Xianwei put the paper cranes back into Shi Mu Luo’s hands,Then I opened the gift box that was just next to me and I didn’t know what it was.,“You look,Do you like this skirt?I specially asked someone to make it,Now as a gift for you。”
Shi Muluo did not pick up,Just use one hand to slowly touch the fabric of the dress。
Even if not all expanded,Just from the touch of the clothes,She can feel the value of this dress。
“I can’t accept such an expensive gift from Mr. Qi,Reactive work is not rewarded。”She knows,The other party loosened her skirt for no reason,Purpose is absolutely impure,Besides, she is recovering now,That should have been implemented two months ago but was shelved;Plan,It’s probably on the agenda again。
“Don’t worry,I will take you to a http://www.weixinsucai.cn cocktail party in some time,I also want to……”Qi Xianwei smiled,After seeing Shi Mu Luo’s reaction, he continued,“I think it’s time to reveal your identity,you need to know,That was not a simple cocktail party,a lot of‘In the circle’Will attend……”
Shi Mu Luo frowned,Look hard,Seems a little worried。
“what……This is not good……If I reveal my identity in front of so many big people……I’m afraid they won’t recognize me either……”
“Don’t worry about it,As long as I am there, no one will dare to question you。”Qi Xianwei comforted,Let Shi Muluo relax。
Shi Muluo knew in her heart,It’s all morning and evening,Should come or will come,Even though she tried all kinds of ways,It is impossible to avoid。
“I’m just a little worried,Cheng’s family can’t accept my existence,I wanted to die twice before,How can you guarantee that they won’t do anything http://www.treterc.cn to me this time?……”
She still pretended to be very worried and asked,Although I understand,But I can’t show it in front of Qi Xianwei。
“I said don’t worry,Although the Cheng family seems to be on par with the Qi family,But in fact, the wind reviews have been bad,Cheng Yunxiao, that woman is still too young,Don’t know the importance,So offended many people,Shamelessly took away what belongs to you,I will try my best to help you get it back。”