The rain has not stopped,Chill in the mountains,Even wearing rainproof night clothes is cool,Li Hao is very careful,Everyone is a peer,Vigilance is abnormally high,And Xiao Yanda and other old colleagues who have been fighting on the front line all the time have extraordinary perceptions.。
So out of the west yard,Li Hao simply walked out of the gate,Circled Liuyun Guan for most of the time,Come directly to the back mountain,At the foot is the highest building in Liuyun Temple,The three-story building is unique,Towering roof,The black tiled roof is very steep,On the other side of the roof, you can observe the situation in the backyard corridor。
Xiao Yanda at the moment is like Li Hao,Sitting on a bamboo chair,It’s just that the angle is slightly changed,On the tattered incense table next to there are a large tea cup that almost drank water and a pistol,Hold the cheek in one hand,The whole person is motionless,I don’t know if I’m asleep or wandering。
There are four fixed guards around the corridor,There are also two mobile whistles,Li Hao knows the positions of all the guards,He leaned on the roof,Through the dense rain curtain and dim light,A panoramic view of the entire corridor,Xiao Yanda is indeed asleep。
Face this situation,Li Hao can’t help being disappointed,But at the same time he was relieved,Xiao Yanda has nothing better,No one wants problems with colleagues,Especially in this weird fighting situation,Li Hao can’t think of what will happen to Xiao Yanda。
Rain is still falling,Xiao Yanda has been sleeping too,And I sleep very sweetly,Li Hao is like a black tile on the ridge of the roof melted into the night,Staring intently at the corridor,His character is focused、Even rigid,Old man Dong doesn’t withdraw the order,He will keep staring at this senior,Although this behavior makes him very conflicted。
More than an hour passed unconsciously,Xiao Yanda is still fine,I just changed my hand to support my cheek,Although such behavior during the shift is lightly lazy,Violating discipline,But besides,There’s really nothing to watch。
suddenly,Li Hao’s eyes were stunned,Just like the ripple he saw when he was on duty,Faint light changes,Hazy but not real,Soon returned to normal,In fact, from his point of view, it is impossible to see that space gap,Don’t understand why this happens。
Rainy night,The dim light does bring a lot of inexplicable small troubles,Li Hao thought,After hesitating a little, he slowly released the consciousness,As a low-level practitioner who has not yet formed a pill,His consciousness is weak and pitiful,But also ignore the angle of view,Really observe everything he needs to see。
Everything is normal around the cloister,Two fixed outposts facing east,The brother on duty is still full of energy,And the big blue glass is quiet,Xiao Yanda’s sleeping posture is rather inelegant,Legs crossed,Support one’s cheek with one hand,The other hand is hanging casually,Seems lazy,Very vigilant,A little bit of wind,He will jump up from the bamboo chair like a spring,This is the basic qualities of old agents。
Li Hao sighed,Xiao Yanda is over 50 years old,Still maintains a very standard figure,The muscle lines on the body are not out of shape at all,Every time I fight, I charge like a guy at the forefront,Fighting literacy developed over the years,Even Li Hao looks at it from the perspective of a practitioner.,He even believed,Even if you use magical powers to approach quietly,It doesn’t necessarily paralyze Xiao Yanda’s tight nerves.。
With this feeling and cognition,Li Hao intends to stop work temporarily tonight,But when his consciousness slowly swept across the bamboo chair,Suddenly stiff body,Then sweat like rain,He saw a very regular triangle of light and shadow,Blood red,Right under Xiao Yanda。
The triangle is just a flat section,However it is three-dimensional,The sense of consciousness is clear,It should be a triangular prism without a spire,And Xiao Yanda’s lying body is diagonally inserted into the triangular prism,A very weird and unreasonable picture,But it made Li Hao’s heart beat suddenly,My muscles are shaking uncontrollably,Can’t tell why,He just suddenly thought of a terrible three-sided altar。
That is a legend of Shimen,A patriarch named Xue Qifeng,His cultivation has reached the realm of the transformation stage,In travel,He found a huge triangular stone platform in the desert of Mobei,Black all over,All cut surfaces are extremely flat and smooth,Cut like a knife,Sharper edges and corners,Faintly fierce,Such a perfectly natural geometry is really rare。
Because I felt the extremely evil and bloody atmosphere in it,Xue Qifeng stopped to observe,After preparing to trace the origin,Seal this thing or destroy it altogether,So as not to last forever,Bred bad things to harm the world。
soon,Xue Qifeng found a cave not far from the triangular stone platform,The hole is small,Large internal space,Deep underground,There is an even more incredible hall hidden,All kinds of weird things are piled around,Cylindrical、Fangtai、mound、All kinds of things that look like tools,There are even similar houses、Casting like a ship。
These things are all black or gray-black,I don’t know what material it is,Unusually hard and heavy,And the style is exactly the same as the triangular stone platform outside,All objects are sharp and angular,The beauty and coldness of extreme geometry,Which exudes violent ferocity,Full of blood,Let Xue Qifeng alarm。