Personal project is over,The major teams get a renovation order。
Everyone left the other than the martial art with complex emotions.。
no doubt,What happened today,I will inevitably give them an extremely profound impression.。
Summer this name,It will also be widely circulated in the circle of special forces.。
As for the most powerful battle of Qin Hajun……No one is paying attention。
Don’t say that the army is a place for the strong,Even if it is a competition,People only remember and pay attention to a symbol。
That is the championship!
Early in the morning。
The major teams have gathered again on the playground again.。
Today, the team will hold a big competition。
Yesterday, everyone has learned,This time and the past,No longer the major teams to catch killing and competition。
But it is necessary to cross 20 kilometers of mountain forests.。
There is an enemy ambush in advance in the mountain forest.。
Understanding the information revealed,Blocking their enemies,Very powerful。
Everyone’s special team members are strictly waiting。
The military high-level talks once again encourages,Then announce that the team is officially started。
Da da da。
A rack of helicopters carrying major teams,Enter a built-in mountain range。
And put them in different areas。
For major teams,This team has been inexplicably strange than martial arts。
Because I didn’t disclose any information about the enemy.。
And for oneself,Only one rule……That is no rule。
If you have the ability,I can even join other special teams.。
even,The major teams can also blocked each other。
Spooky,Let these thinking of agile special forces realize a fact。
As the head is revealed……Enemy is very powerful,Very powerful。
at the same time。
A big tree tree on a mountain forest。
A young youth wearing a camouflage beyond,Lazy scattered open eyes,Looking at the helicopter that is gradually moving。
Some helplessness between his looks,“I really don’t understand,Let us deal with these rookies do。Simply wasting time waste life……”
Though,He jumped from the top of the crown.,Unfold,It’s like a cheetah-like shuttle,Leave a debris。
Another area of the area of the mountain,A middle age of a 30-year-old session。
I don’t know if it is coincidence.,His face’s expression also screwed with a strangement and intake,Also brings a helpless。
He slowly stepped,Come to a dune,Look at the air。
at last,His eyes stared at a helicopter。
“finally come,Early completion tasks,I also promised her daughter to bring her to the playground.。”
Another area,A woman stands quietly in a stream。