Summer leaving a residue in the same place,Disappear quickly。
Turn out from another direction, a knife screen。
Dead leaves,Grass splash,Gravel。
“Huff……”One of the masters were flying half empty,Vomiting blood,And it becomes two trips in an instant。
And another person will refund,Sunday,The whole person suddenly cracked,Sputtering of residual limbs。
The half air is like a bloody。
This is too fast.。
After killing two people,Two masters have killed。
Not these people are not strong enough。
Opposite,Dare to come here to kill the summer,All are masters in the master,Elite in the elite。
But……Summer is stronger!Certainty。
In fact,Summer exterior performance looks very easy。
In fact, it is exactly the opposite。
Kill the moment of white dry,He took the strongest battle。
Foreign eight years of life and death,He knows very clearly。
Encounter this situation,Never let the other party form a dilemma。
Otherwise,Even if the fighting power is strong,Will be dragged by living。
“Everyone gathers together。”
Some people secretly drink,“He is just a short explosive force,Poster him。”
“Put together!”
These black people have already had the initial reason.,It is too horrified that the war is too horrified.。
The information they collected,Summer is at least the power of people。
It is very likely to reach the people’s greetings。
So as soon as,In their opinion,So many masters of entertainment,Summer final ending is destined。
Must fall。
But I didn’t expect it.,Summer is powerful than expectation。
Certainty,They are also very clear,Realm,But it is a difference and concept of strength division.。
It is not to say that people in the high realm will certainly kill the low realm.。
It is not to say that the two of the same realm will be in the same strength.。
Otherwise,Everyone doesn’t have to fight.。
Directly reporting your realm to make the other party do not fight。 This involves a combat force!So-called war,Not only fighting strength,Also include combat skills and fight consciousness。
No doubt,Summer is the leader。
At this moment。
Several black people floated in the air,It actually has floating abilities。