“Next,You need to do two things。”
Ye Tianzong’s tone is indifferent。
And listen to his tone,Is not going to hold myself,Mo Tiandao just breathed a sigh of relief,Nodded repeatedly:“Mr. Ye, please order,As long as i can do,Must do so,Even if you can’t,I will also find a way。”
“the first,Things tonight,I don’t want to promote it。and so,You have to deal with the body,And public opinion。”
“second,I said,Li Qingshu’s behavior,Implicated in Lijia。tomorrow,The man named Lijia,Come to Hailongwan to make amends for my wife。”
“any questions?”
Mo Tiandao nodded immediately:“no problem,Absolutely no problem。”
“Please rest assured, Mr. Ye,I promise to fulfill your instructions。”
“Phoenix,let’s go。”
Come in a hurry,Go in a hurry。
Deal with things,Ye Tianzong said nothing,Sip,Left the nightclub。
Leaving a crowd sighing。
“Business tonight,Who dare to say half a word,Is against my Tianjitang。”