“All right,Now the three of you are all here,Can start interrogating me。”
Song Junming casually opened the cigarette that Yang Shiyun bought for him,Take out a bag, open it, and pull out one to hold it on your mouth,I said to the three girls in front of me while I lit a cigarette。
“Who said we are going to interrogate you?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked in surprise。
“Didn’t you just say you have a few questions for me??”
Song Junming was even more surprised……
“I said I want to ask you,All to satisfy our curiosity,Has nothing to do with interrogating you,You can answer,You can also not answer。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled,She just said casually just now,Song Junming misunderstood。
Song Junming is speechless,I seem to be nervous,People mean chatting,But regarded it as an interrogation。“Actually about you and your cousin,I always have a question I don’t understand。You took in your cousin since childhood,Give him food and wear,And secretly funded him to go to school,So you are very good to him,But why don’t you bring him back to your house,Let your parents adopt him?
It’s always easier than you to bear all of his expenses.。”
Liu Xiaoyun asked seriously。
“Oh,You are confused about this……Ha ha,I can tell you this;Because my parents may not accept him,I have never dared to be with my father,Mom said this。”
Song Junming answered directly。
“Why is that?”