Liu Xiaoyun continued to question……
“Of course you are not!If you are a fool,There is no smart person in this world!Ok,I said something wrong,Sorry,Little ancestor。”
Qin Liang honestly admitted his mistake,He doesn’t want to be stunned by Liu Xiaoyun in such a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere。
Liu Xiaoyun is in a good mood right now,So I didn’t continue to embarrass Qin Liang,I let him go without mercy。
“Are you teaching them to monitor the target person here??”
Swallow asked without words,She is so nervous all over now!If only she and Qin Liang were there,Even if Qin Liang treats her too intimately,,She can also accept,But the situation is different now!Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are right in front of you!
“Yes,correct,If you don’t ask me, I can’t remember!Xiaoxue has a fear of heights,And also very serious,Let’s go back and discuss together,See how to help her overcome this problem。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Yep,This suggestion is very important,We can gather everyone together to discuss,Discuss this matter。”
Yanzi nodded and agreed。
“and also,Wait for these days,Let’s go to Taoist temple as a group,By the way, I recommend Qiao’er and Xin’er to Bai Daochang as apprentices,and also……Who else,Let’s fix the recommended list together。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Yep,it is good。”
It’s rare for Qin Liang to consider doing serious business,Swallow is naturally willing to help him,This guy is hanging around all day,It’s been a long time since I did anything that really needed to be done……
“how about you?Is there anything you want to tell me?”