“Touch me again,Is not expelled,But……dead!”
Ye Tianzong finished quietly。
The murderous aura is condensed,It’s like a devil,Let the lobby manager shrink back subconsciously。
“Security guard,Throw this stuff out!Dare to mess with my big brother?You are impatient?”
Zhang Feide is also good at coming,See it,Greet the security immediately,Drag the lobby manager away。
And that beautiful foreman,Become the lobby manager in an instant,Happiness comes too fast,I’m going to cry with excitement:“Boss brother,thank,Thank you,I will do it well。”
Ye Tianzong nodded。
And Zhang Feide saw it,Knowing that I should retire,sidewalk:“Brother that,If nothing else,I’ll go first。”
“Last time Ichibetsu Aoyama,Never expected to meet again,Years have passed。”
“Brothers miss you very much,some people,Still staying in Qingshan,If you have a mouth,Hope you greet us,Get together。”
“no problem。”
Ye Tianzong waved,Zhang Feide retreats。